Sunday, 23 November 2014

Project 52, week 47

Not many pictures this week. They are all similar- rain!


 Back to work after my week off. The weather is still mild, but wet!!!  I stayed behind to do my annual appraisal, and drove home in the rain.
The floor is not quite dry enough to put the furniture back, so we went out for dinner- again.




More rain. We bought some logs so that we could light the fire, and  decided to put the table back in the dining room.It looks nice against the white floor, and the room looks much bigger too.




While I was teaching in the afternoon we were surprised to see a crane rise up outside the classroom window. It turns out the weathercock on the tower was skewed and as, surprise, it was dry, they decided to come and fix it before the winds blew it down on someone's head. In the evening I managed the time to moderate the #eltchat with Marisa and Shaun.




A night for lighting the fire and  catching up on some TV. I had been storing up things I wanted to watch during October, but had no time to see. I signed up for one of Russell's Edmodo courses- for next week, and he offered it to me free of charge as a thank you for paying for others that he had delivered. Thanks Russell :-)



Malcolm and I went shopping in the big supermarket. I must remember not to go shopping with anyone who can add things to the basket! My bill was horrendous. We now have enough food to keep us going until the end of the year....not really! I did buy some haggis for next week though. Next Sunday is St Andrew's day, so I will prepare a really Scottish dinner for friends.





 I popped across to the co-op to gather the things needed for tomorrow's cake-and-pudding-making thrash. I checked that we had everything as it is not easy to find on a Sunday. I love the smell when it is all baking away in the oven. Yum. My hairdresser moved to a new salon, so I went there for my haircut instead of the usual place.


Stir-up Sunday. I believe it is a Catholic date- the last Sunday before Advent, but we have always made our Christmas pudding and cake then. I cleared the kitchen after breakfast and only allowed everyone in to stir and make a wish.
Once everything  was cooking, it was a good time to go and help Lorraine move the last things into her new house. That way we are not tempted by the smell.

Stir up Sunday really brings the end of the year closer. The smells are highly evocative of the festive season, and I am almost ready for the decorations- but I can hold off for a few more weeks :-)


  1. The Christmas pudding looks as if it is going to be delicious with all those ingredients in. I can almost smell it baking from here :-)) The newly painted floor looks really nice with the furniture where it is. I wish I had the confidence to do painting around the house. I would be worried about not doing a good job of it. I should push myself to give it a go, I think one of these days as your painting has inspired me :-)

    1. I think doing your own painting is quite cost effective- and therapeutic. We have organised a painter friend to do out hallway. As you can imagine, the height in a Victorian house is not for the faint-hearted. I do like the floor now that it has covered all the odd bits of wood in the room. When we break up for the holidays I'm going to re-do the stencils round the edge. The pudding turned out well, but the cake is amazing. I shall feed it for a few weeks and then decorate it.