Sunday, 5 April 2015

Reasons to count my blessings



As I have said previously, I love traditions. Easter is a particularly lovely time of the year. Although my family are not overly religious, they don't me celebrating, and decorating the house to within an inch of its life.
I always start with an Easter tree. This came about when Cairis was a baby. We were hosting some German students and they brought some painted wooden eggs as a gift. I didn't know what to do with them, so they explained that they were hung on trees in their country.
The next year I accumulated a few more and the idea was born.
I hang it in the window, and it is always a talking point for passers-by and neighbours. I collect eggs and other Easter paraphernalia whenever I can.

 Flowers are important for setting the scene. There is nothing to beat vases of flowers everywhere you look. At this time of the year it has to be Daffodils, Tulips and Irises. They cost so little from the farm honesty box, and give so much pleasure.
 Food is important!First you have to have Hot Cross Buns. I usually take some into work for my colleagues, as we don't get the day off.
The cute little animals are a new addition. I'm planning to use them as place markers at the dinner table this evening.

I love inviting friends to dinner- and cooking a leg of lamb (even though I don't eat it) with lots of fresh vegetables, especially Jersey Royal Potatoes.

As I'm trying hard to lose weight, I shall be prudent when it comes to chocolate eggs, but I won't stop everyone else from indulging. Happy Easter :-)