Sunday, 10 June 2012

Project #366 Week 23

The theme of this week has been professional development and  gale-force winds...:-)
We changed our weekly programme around so that we could free up the end of the week for a visit by Adrian Underhill, which meant that we had the double blow of teaching on two bank holidays AND working longer on the Monday!
Sunday 3rd June 2012
St Saviour's Parish Hall
St Saviour's Churchyard
Have to unearth the bed!
Today I watched the bunting go up around the place. I don't have time to go to any of the planned street parties, as I will have to work. My husband has returned from the UK, bringing back my daughter's belongings- which means I have plenty of washing to keep me busy and her room is  now buried under a mountain of stuff.  It will be interesting to see if the house has room for it all, or whether she will have outgrown some of it, so that we can give it away! I am planning to redecorate, but will wait for her input. I  really think the Barbie Pink has to go :-)

Monday 4th
I love school half-terms. I can drive to work so much faster than normal, and this was also combined with a bank holiday so there were few cars on the road at all. No new students this week, so I was well prepared when I went in to teach. My boss decided to work with the Art studio down in the village. They are supplying art to enliven the white walls of our classrooms and the students get a discount if they buy any of it as a souvenir to take home.I rather liked these Peter Knight paintings in my classroom this week.
Tuesday 5th

We laid on a little tea party for our students today, to celebrate the Queen's 60th jubilee. We made cucumber sandwiches, Victoria Sandwich cake and Pimms. I got up early to make a batch of my famous scones. Some of them were devoured by my colleagues in the break, but we had enough left to add butter, jam and cream for the students. All my neighbours seemed to have decided to put the flags out too.

Wednesday 6th
Managed half of an ELTchat at lunchtime today and later arrived home to find that the school gardener had popped by my home and added some plants to parts of my garden which were bare :-)
In the evening, I took part in another chat and ended up writing the summary

Thursday 7th
Tree bending in the wind
Gale force winds in the channel, so all the boats were cancelled. The bunting along Victoria Avenue was flapping in the wind, making it noisy to drive home. I took part in a colleague's first webinar, with some other members of the PLN.

Angelica blown over:-(
I wasn't happy to find that the wind had blown over over my angelica, which is a nice herb. It didn't affect the horseradish though- that is a very tough plant which I don't use very much of- and it grows like a weed:-)

Friday 8th
Nicky's  French husband Guy provided the lunch today and then our CPD session got under way. We were looking at Demand High teaching with Adrian Underhill, which I shall write about later.
In the evening we went out for dinner and then met up with the other musicians in the pub. The school had chosen the same pub for the Friday Evening Dinner, so we entertained my students for a while:-).
The Smugglers Inn, Ouaisne Bay
Saturday 9th

Guess what I got for my birthday
 My husband asked me to go into town with him and, unsuspecting, I did. We ended up at the Apple store,where he explained that he thought I needed an i-pad and wanted to buy me one for my birthday, although it is not for another couple of weeks. His reasoning was that I had a conference to go to next week, followed by a holiday in France, and it would be much easier to carry around than my laptop.  He was right to buy it with time to spare as I am now the owner of a brand-new piece of kit which I am fighting to get to grips with:-). Had a coffee with friends on the way to the airport and then picked up my daughter, who is home from university. The quiet life that we have enjoyed for the last 3 years is about to come to an end:-)
Jersey Airport arrivals hall


  1. Wow! Adrian Underhill and an iPad! Congratulations! An iPad has its shortcomings but there's no denying its portability. I wouldn't mind receiving it as a present! ;-)

    1. I'm more comfortable with my big desktop PC, but it will make conferences etc easier- once I manage to work out how to use it:-)My husband is very generous- probably because I'm taking him on holiday to somewhere he has always wanted to go- pics in a couple of weeks:-)
      Adrian Underhill was excellent- will blog about it when I have a little more time- have to sort out DD now she's home.

  2. I agree with Chiew - what a bumper week!
    I'm still fighting with my ipad - I can feel the potential, but somehow I just don't get it - it's being mainly used as an expensive Kindel so far!
    I'm sure you'll gen up really fast - so I hope we have a show and tell in Paris in Nov ;-)

    1. I did think about throwing it out of the window this morning:-) November seems such a long way off - will be fun to catch up:-)

  3. Hi Sue

    Thanks for the catch up on your very busy and lively week! Lots of lovely images again, and congrats on your new iPad. Let us know how you get on with it in future posts, won't you? I haven't got one (yet) but I do live in hope...

    1. Hi Janet. Thanks for joining my ramblings:-) I'm a bit more confident with it than I was yesterday. A couple of friends came round for dinner and gave me some tips, which was very useful. Hope to know what I'm doing by the weekend, because I want to use it at the BESIG conference.