Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Challenge- Project 52- Week 1

Janet Bianchini and I were just thinking about the fact that last year was a bit flat on the blog front. I actually used it for lots of #ELTchat summaries, but the previous year was fun as we picture-diaried our lives. We decided to start a new challenge: Project 52, one post each Sunday with accompanying pictures- so here goes.
Week One was a bit dull. I had a lurgy which kept me confined to the house. It wasn't really a hardship as I curled up by the fire for a couple of days and then did a bit of decorating in my study.

more mess
Unfortunately, the furniture is so heavy that everything had to be emptied out before it could be moved. I had forgotten how much rubbish/ stationery I have to find a home for.

Nearly finished

 The cats weren't too impressed. Neither of them really likes change and they spent the time prowling around and getting underfoot. This is Maisie watching with interest. She didn't sit there for long, as we had a thunder and hailstorm and she was next to the window.

I finished the week by taking the Christmas decorations down. This greatly pleased Ebony who thinks that trees in the house are there as climbing frames for her amusement.  It took ages, as there were lots of things on the tree. It always seems to take longer to take the tree down. All the decorations were packed into bags according to type- my daughter was laughing at me- OCD much? Finally I packed them into the cupboard under the television until next year :-)


  1. Hi Sue, that's great you have already started the challenge, and as usual I enjoyed reading your weekly summary. I really felt something was missing last year with us not doing this kind of project, so I am delighted we are doing it again this year!

    I agree taking down the decorations does take an age, and I usually pack things in boxes. Loved the image of Ebony on the tree! How did she manage to not make it topple over, I wonder?

    Here's hoping we have lots of fun in 2014!
    All the best


    1. I was feeling a bit sad when the tree came down, so bought lots of bright yellow daffs to take its place. Ebony can't knock the tree over because it is firmly wedged in a stand full of water- and she is all fluff. She weighs 2.7 kilos. Maisie weighs about 5.5kilos, so she is too heavy to try it any more.
      Thanks for your comments- looking forward to this challenge :-)