Saturday, 15 February 2014

Project 52 Week 7

Where has the time gone- week seven already! Unfortunately the weather has again been the biggest feature of the week. I also managed to complete the two EVO courses I was doing, and am just waiting for the wrapping up sessions today and tomorrow.


Today started fine, and after I dropped Cairis at her Roller Derby meeting, I drove down the coast for some fresh air. I was amazed to see a car on the slip, as the high tide was coming and it would be washed away, but there is no legislating for stupidity. The seagulls were having a fine time, and the sky was beautiful. I love the textures of the photo on the right.

I ruined the day by biting into an apple and leaving most of a tooth behind. I think this week could be a very expensive one- roll on pay day:-)


This will give you an idea of the wind. The tide wasn't a high one, and the rain stayed away for most of the day, but the wind blew sand and seaweed right across the roads, pavements etc. When I got to work I found that one of my Adult students had flown home, but the younger ones were offered the option of going to England by ferry ( in this wind!) and then by another carrier to France, and then a train home. This meant more than 20 hours of travelling. Some of them took the option, but one of them waited in the hope that she could get home more easily later in the week. We started emptying the staffroom properly today. It looks very strange without the usual clutter. I hope the new one is everything we wish for :-)


The shelves are bare now, and we are waiting for the engineers to move the photocopier upstairs. It is a little awkward finding things, as nothing is where you expect it to be, but that is a temporary setback . When I finally got home, it was very wet and windy. Our glass bin had blown away, but there was no sign of it anywhere near. My husband had written to the Roads Committee about the wall, so we had a visit from one of their representatives to discuss changes to the road layout.


Not the day I had been looking forward to. I had to visit the dentist, which is not my favourite pastime! In fact is was relatively painless, apart from the cost to my bank account. The time allocated wasn't sufficient to replace my tooth, so he packed it and organised a longer session for later. The Dental Studio is new, and very swish, so he must be busy these days. I was surprised and delighted to have my application to be  a moderator for ELTchat approved. Tonight was my first session- and it was a lively one. I volunteered to write the summary, as everyone else was busy. 


I went for a lovely walk by the marina today. The two pictures show the state of the day. Over my left shoulder was overcast, with a grey sky and wintry sunshine. On my right was bright blue sky! Two seconds was all that separated the pictures. But then a squally shower of hail arrived and I ran back to the car. The ferry strike is continuing- the French crew have now taken over the vessel for a sit in- and the company has suspended sailings for at least the next six days- not good for people going skiing at half-term.


The tides were high again, and the wind speed was scary. Another Code Red warning meant that the musicians again decided to stay home and stay safe. My family went to the Yacht Club for dinner. The wind was strong and we were diverted by the Honorary Police as the roads were closed. Even as I drove home- two hours before the High tide- the sea was crashing over the wall. On the way out, two hours later, Cairis tried to make a little video to show how fast the tide was running, but she was nearly blown over. We went back home and I did a bit of preparation for the ELTchat summary I volunteered to write, and read some of the articles from the Liverpool IATEFL selections.


  1. Hi Sue, another eventful week what with the continuing stormy weather and your tooth problem - glad to hear it wasn't too bad in the end. I have an aversion to dentists, I must admit and so I can sympathize with you on what happened. The video is really scary with those huge crashing waves!

    Congrats on becoming an ELTChat moderator! I hope you have lots of fun, and I look forward to your summary.

    I'll miss interacting with you and the rest of the Ebook community, but hopefully it'll carry on for a little bit longer. It was a wonderful experience for us all, and so much was achieved :-))

    Have a great Week 8!

  2. Thanks Janet. I'm looking forward to a week of calmer weather- and we should be able to move into our staffroom at some point too. Good things ahead :-)