Saturday, 22 February 2014

Project 52 Week 8

Well, here we are- week 8

The weather seemed a bit tamer this week, which was a relief. I taught in the morning- and then spent some time preparing for the next CertTESOL which starts any day now :-)


Today dawned nice and clear with bright blue skies.  M and I dropped Cairis up to the Fort for her skating session, and went for a walk. Le Hocq was the chosen route today and we walked as far as the old round tower, which has been there since the threat of Napoleon Bonaparte. Le Hocq is on the south coast and is one of only a handful of places with the Viking spelling of its name. Just round the coast a bit is La Rocque, with a typical French spelling.


Driving to work today the tide was still out, which always makes the beach look like the surface of the moon. This is the coast road just before Green Island, which you can see in the distance. Green island is a Neolithic site, which has been very well documented by archaeologists over the years.


Getting ready to move some of the staffroom today. We took all the books upstairs and put them in the room where we now have a locker each. The room next door is being painted, and then we will be able to find a proper home for everything. It is surprising how much daylight there is a top of the building. We were in the Black hole before! The office staff are just waiting for the workers to finish our space, and then they are going to move too. I think next week will be slightly chaotic:-) This room will have the wall knocked through to maximise the space and light. It isn't a problem at the moment, but soon we will have many more teachers around, and the extra space will be welcomed.


I left at lunchtime today, and got snarled up in the roadworks at the bottom of the hill. As I had my ipad beside me on the seat, it gave me a rare opportunity to take a picture while waiting. The first picture shows the little bank at the bottom of the hill, and the other shows the edge of the harbour, with the boathouse restaurant straight ahead.


Yippee. We can move bits into the new staffroom, although the electrician can't come until Monday to connect the computers and photocopier etc. They have just been left where there are sockets for now!  Rudi has been varnishing our desk spaces and they are still a bit tacky, so that will have to wait until Friday.


Where am I going to put all this?
Finally, the Ferry Company has resolved its dispute/strike. Just in time for half-term. There must have been a great deal of pressure on them for the French crew to fold. Today was a bit damper than the rest of the week, and when I got home I had to go shopping. I should have remembered that taking Cairis with me would cost me a fortune. Isn't it surprising when you find things that you hadn't put in your basket!
It took a while to unpack everything when I got home. That's my least favourite part of the whole experience. 


wedding day photo 1989
don't often see both girls together
Today was very lazy. I went wandering around town in the morning, trying to choose a gift for M for our anniversary. In the afternoon, Cairis and I had a look through my old wedding photos to organise the best ones into a montage. We then say down to watch Scotland beat Italy at Rugby- by only 1 point! and then a bit of winter olympics. The cats were curled up nearby, happy that the day had calmed down. In the morning we had Bill the carpenter round to help with the front door, which was sticking, and they aren't very keen on him.Also, we had to restrict their movements as the door was off its hinges- and access to the road was open.

So next week will bring  friends and parties and reasonably settled weather- should be fun :-)

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  1. Looks as if your new staffroom is going to be a lovely place to prepare your lessons in with lots of space and sunlight coming in. Maisie and Ebony look really comfortable in the photo. It's always nice to have cats around indoors.

    Wishing you a happy anniversary :-) Love your wedding day photo!

    Have a great Week 9.