Sunday, 15 June 2014

Project 52 Week 24

This week  the weather was glorious. I'm sure young Emily was watching with bated breath in the run up to her wedding on Saturday. For the first time this year I've had to be vigilant about watering the garden. My cats have been hiding indoors because they are not so keen on the heat.


It feels like we were never away on holiday! The garden is blooming- and I see that John, the gardener from the college, has been round adding flowers to the bare patches:-) I said thank you when I saw him, and he told me that my garden was a mess and needed some work! We'll do it at the end of the summer- take everything out and replant it properly:-)


Back to work. I have picked up the same classes that I had before I had my week off, so it was a nice surprise to see so many familiar faces. We had a good week and we went out in the afternoon for a walk to Reg's garden, which is about 20 minutes from the college. My friend's daughter is getting married there at the weekend, so it was nice to see it while it was quiet. Reg inherited a piece of land and turned it into a garden full of small rooms, with an amphitheatre at the far end. The middle has a long water feature with a lovely waterfall at the very back, and a bridge in the middle. There are areas of different styles of planting, and areas for children to play and a fairy grotto etc. He is now in his 70's and allows charities and weddings to use the space, although tourists are welcome if they put a little money in the pot by the door.


Today I was watching the gardeners in town. They keep the parks and verges looking beautiful all year round, but at the moment they are really attractive. When I got home I decided to repaint the deck outside the kitchen. It was looking a bit tired and we like to have breakfast outside in the summertime.


#ELTchat evening. I was lucky enough to have my topic chosen for discussion. I helped moderate the session, picked up the transcript and wrote the summary (which you can read below). Not bad going for an evening. 
I had my friendly little shadow with me, as usual, as she doesn't want to let me out of her sight at the moment. Unfortunately she was too warm to sleep in her basket so was a bit of a wriggler.


I can't wait for the World Cup to be over! I hate football, and I dislike all the posturing that goes on. Jersey supports so many different sides as we have a large ethnic mix. I avoid looking at all the flags hanging out of windows etc. I think it looks tacky.  I went to the DIY shop to get some jolly cushions for the breakfast table now that the deck is finished.On my way back I saw a Portuguese driver with a flag hanging out of his car. 


Today was the first time we made it to the pub for a couple of weeks. It was very quiet- I suppose most people were at home watching football:-( They don't watch TV often in the Smugglers Inn, so we were safe.) On the other hand, they did put out bunting of all the world cup countries' flags. It was also Friday 13th and a full moon.


 The much looked-forward-to day has arrived. We spent a little time getting ready, then it was off to Reg's garden again, for the wedding. As a venue for a summer wedding it couldn't be bettered. The bride and her bridesmaids wore 1950s-style dresses and the meal was delivered in individual picnic baskets to tables set out in the sun, with Pimms and wine aplenty. The sun shone and everyone had a lovely day. The evening party was much busier and had Karaoke, dancing and the dreaded football- so we sloped off early and went back home for a quiet evening.


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  1. Looks like an idyllic setting for a wedding, and what a lovely 1950s theme!! It's very beautiful and so unique for a special occasion. Your friend Reg is a really clever and creative gardener. How nice he allows the public to use it for functions. I sometimes wish I could hire a landscape gardener to shape and style our bit of land in the same way I can see in your pictures, but for the moment am making do with little bits at a time :-) Have a great Week 25. We will soon be halfway through the year!!