Saturday, 6 June 2015

Reasons to count my blessings 21-23

Reason 23


Oh my goodness, have I been poorly!
 I started a couple of weeks ago with, what I thought, was just a nasty summer cold. It quickly became clear that it was a bit more, and necessitated a trip to see Doctor Wilson, who diagnosed a throat infection AND an ear infection which needed antibiotics.I trotted off back to bed and looked forward to the end of the week, when I hoped to be feeling better. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature, and the weekend was spent suffering vertigo which made me sick. Back to the doctor- this time diagnosed with Labyrinthitis. I had never heard of it, but having had a chance to google it, I found that it is an infection of the inner ear, messing with one's balance, and slow to recover from.
Fortunately the medicine seems to be effective, and I decided to go back to work on Friday. My students were very pleased to see me- which is reassuring :-).

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  1. So sorry to hear about all your health woes in recent weeks, that must have been very frustrating and uncomfortable. Very glad to hear that you are now feeling much better :-) I missed your weekly posts and was wondering how you were... Great to see you are now back. Have a lovely week.