Monday, 13 July 2015

Reasons to count my blessings Number 28

Reason 28

The garden

I really love the days when you wake up knowing that the weather will be good; and not just for an odd day here and there, but for a long spell of warm sunny days. 
I don't mind if it rains during the night- it saves me from watering the garden too much. 

The garden is really welcoming at the moment. Everything is very colourful and the herb garden is growing like the weeds.

I enjoy eating breakfast outside before going to work.

  My garden is such a sun trap, it can even be too hot to sit in, until the day cools down a bit.

 I love watching the cats sleeping in the pots of catmint when I return in the afternoon. Look at these two drugged up kitties :-)


  1. Fabulous pictures of your garden, and I love the pics of your kitties in the catmint pots!! It's so nice to see them relaxing in them, what a good idea to have big pots for them to lie down in :-) I ought to do the same for our cats!

    Enjoy the summer!

  2. If you don't mind the plants getting squashed, big pots are great. And they don't seem to go in any of the others- just the catmint attracts them.