Saturday, 7 January 2012

366 Project Week 1

Project 366

Following an idea from Carol Goodey, some of my PLN decided to create a pictorial record of their year- one picture per day.
Here are mine for the first week.
 January 2nd The last meal for friends before everyone returns to work
January 3rd This is my messy office. I was registering for the EVO sessions.
January 4th Cairistiona having a break before packing to go back to University in London
January 5th time to introduce the spring flowers and take down the tree and decorations.

January 6th Friday in Les Fontaines

January 7th recycling the paper and bottles from the festive period!

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  1. Hi Sue

    Love your first lot of photos for the #366 Project. It'll be fun doing this challenge together with other members of our PLN :-)