Saturday, 14 January 2012

Project 366 Week 2

Well, here we are again. It's been a busy, social sort of week, and here are some photos to illustrate it.

Sunday 8th. Time to sit down and fill in the diary with work and social commitments.

 Monday 9th.St Aubin's Fort at low tide. This is on my way to work. The water seems a long way out because we have one of the largest tidal ranges in the world.

Tuesday 10th .. Parking my car at night, on the top floor of the supermarket, is not my favourite thing to do.

Wednesday 11th. Popped in on a friend for a coffee and found this little old sweetie tucked up in his basket. He is a Jack Russell/ Staffordshire Terrier cross and will be 13 years old this week.

Thursday 12th. Down to the farm shop for my dairy shopping. Jersey cows are really beautiful, with long, long eyelashes. They produce incredibly rich milk.

Friday 13th. Stopped to enjoy one of the water features in our new town park. It was planned as the Millenium Park, although it took them nearly 11 years to agree to spend the money!

 Saturday 14th. Wassailing!. This is an occasion when the local Morris men go round the island dancing, singing and toasting the local apple orchards to frighten away the bad spirits and bring prosperity to the farmers. Toast for the branches, and cider for the roots

 My days, and nights, have been quite varied this week. I have been teaching from home, interviewing for my next TT course and taking part in  EVO sessions.  I wonder what  next week will bring.

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