Sunday, 22 January 2012

My first Glog

This is my first glogster. On the EVO workshop week 2 for Tutoring using WEb 2.0 tools, we were tasked with making one to show the animal which most represented our behaviour in online forums. The list came from patterns of online participation established by Gilly Salmon (2002). 
Which one are you? 
Do you recognise your own behaviour here?

    1. The wolf Visits once a week, lots of activity, then disappears again until next week, or even the week after!
    2. The elephant Steady – visits most days for a short time.
    3. The squirrel Always catching up: completes two weeks in one session then disappears again for some time.
    4. The mouse Visits once a week, reads and contributes little.
    5. The mole Inclined to post disembodied comments in a random way.
    6. The rabbit Lives online, prolific message writer, responds very rapidly.
    7. The stag Tendency to dominate discussion at certain times.
    8. The magpie Steals ideas without acknowledging.

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