Sunday, 5 February 2012

Project #366 Week Five

This week the focus was on keeping warm! It is particularly cold in various parts of Europe, and the Island will not be as cold because of the sea surrounding us, but the wind is biting.

Sunday 29th January
Sunday dawned bright and cold. I decided to take my recycling to the dump. It's a very sociable thing- you always meet friends up there doing the same thing. The dump takes everything you could possibly want to recycle, and we normally go there every second or third Sunday.

 Monday 30th January 
Back to work today.These are part of the staffroom. The notice board is full of thank you notes and messages for new teachers. The wall is full of boxes of material with ideas for teaching teenagers of different levels.

Tuesday 31st January
Oh my goodness. It's freezing today. After such a lovely mild winter so far, the wind is now coming from the North East, bringing with it temperatures of 2 degrees. I know that everyone else is having it much worse, but it is a shock to the system. I had to find my gloves and hat for the first time in ages. You can imagine how my South American students are feeling. We have an extra heater in our class!

Wednesday 1st February

My cat collection has been growing for a while. I decided to move the cat baskets over to the bottom shelf on each side of the fireplace as the window seat that they usually use was icy cold. On the right you can see Ebony, cosily tucked in her basket. On the right, Maisie is more reluctant to have her photo taken!

Thursday 2nd February

This is the fire at home. It has been on from the minute I got home but it still feels cold in the room. The thermometer says 13 degrees! I'm lucky that my Bulgarian student, who normally comes to me on a Thursday, has gone home to Sofia for a holiday. Time to put another pullover on, I think.

Friday 3rd February
Still very cold.The forecast is threatening snow, but it isn't really cold enough here and the wind is dropping and swinging round to the South West. It should bring warmer, although wet, conditions. Went to a local pub to play music, as always, and they had a fantastic fire going, and cosy candles on the tables. A typical old English pub. Note the beams and the low ceiling. It was great to feel warm again.

Saturday 4th February
Saturday was crisp and dry, and the Ceilidh Band had booked lunch in a local restaurant. I wandered down into town, and met up with everyone in time to eat. On returning home, we cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs and discovered that my daughter had left her warm, fluffy slippers behind when she went back to university. They fit me, too, and they are toasty-warm. My cat thought that she would just check them out first!. The rain came down just as night started to draw in. Heavy rain, but no snow!!

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