Sunday, 19 February 2012

Project#366 Week 7

Not much going on this week. The EVO sessions came to an end and the island seems to have rediscovered Springtime. The temperature was mostly around the 11 degrees mark all week.  
(By the way,I just discovered that if you click on one of the photos, you can see all of them as close-ups.)

Sunday 12th February

It was nice to see some spring flowers for sale today. I treated my next door neighbour too, and we had enough to decorate each of our bay windows. I always have problems with Daffodils. My cat thinks that it is OK to drink the water from the vases, but they give off a poison, which could make her sick. Here she is pretending that she is not interested, just waiting for me to turn my back.

Monday 13th February

This is where I park my car - on the top floor of the local supermarket. The view from the top is of the gas tank, with Victoria College behind it. The school is a fee-paying boys school for children from 11-18. I taught there briefly when they had a boarding school department and foreign students.
In the other direction you can look out over Wellington Hill, where you can just see the Catholic church at the rear of the picture.
 Tuesday 14th February
This was given to me as a gift to match my cat collection.

I think it rings true in our house, as I wouldn't like to be without the cats. I have hung it on the doorknob for now, but it will need a final resting place by the fireplace once we stop using the fire. That is not likely to be any time soon.

Wednesday 15th February
 Today I recorded my student giving a presentation. I decided to make a video so that we could analyse it together. This is me, at home, figuring out how to put it on a disc for school tomorrow.

                                                          Thursday 16th February
This is Maisie and Ebony facing off. They were fighting over a little cloth mouse which my neighbour gave them. There are, in fact two mice, but they both want to have the same one! I think they sleep all day and wake up in time for a mad-half-hour when I get home.
Friday 17th February
 No music tonight.The man who  normally organises us  has gone to Brazil to see his son, and to experience Carnival.  We will be seeing each other tomorrow anyway. My husband and I decided to eat out, and headed for the pizza place near the beach. I had a pizza with a hole cut in the middle, which was filled with salad. My husband had an enormous pizza.

Saturday 18th February
Name that tune!
A bit damp out today, so we stayed in and did the housework. In the evening we met up with friends to take part in the annual quiz night organised by Amnesty International's local branch.This year is the Jersey branch's 50th.  We didn't disgrace ourselves by coming last, or anywhere near last, but we were stumped by some of the questions.  
Amnesty cupcakes.Yum.


  1. Thanks for these again, Sue. I do miss having bay windows, but I guess they do take up space especially when you don't need radiators... ;)
    I wonder who eats the cut-out piece from your pizza... Coincidentally, we had pizza, too, but on Saturday, and I made them (not the dough, though).
    Advice (ignore it if you wish ;)): try using a tripod for closeups - did you see the mini one I bought recently? (Links in the description)

  2. Hi Sue

    It's great to see how your week pans out and your pictures really tell the story well. The cupcakes do look yummy,and the pizzas, too, I have to say! Lovely pic of Ebony and Maisie facing off. I bet they are the best of friends!

    We now have a stray cat coming to join ours at supper time, so it's a bit of a mad scramble with so many mouths to feed!!

    Enjoy the new week ahead :-)