Sunday, 18 March 2012

#Project 366 Week Eleven

Where has the time gone. I can't believe we are already 11 weeks into the year! This week I was concentrated on my trainees-  it was their first week in the classroom. We have been looking at ways to make learning more student-centred and fun. The weather has been indifferent: I started each morning by driving to work in the fog. By early afternoon the sun had usually burnt it off, and the day improved from that point onwards. There are definitely more tourists about this week . And Spring is really apparent now.

Sunday 11th March 2012
Green Island Mound
Today we went for a walk around the coast and ended up at Green Island where we stopped for a break. This is one of the Neolithic sites in the Island, and archaeologists have been working there for years. The problem is that it is now being eroded by the tide and the wind, and it is debatable whether it can be protected, or even if it should be protected, from nature.

Looking East from the beach
Monday 12th  March

Second week of the  training course and this week we are looking at skills in the classroom. Today was The Writing Skill. To illustrate a way to ask our students to start writing simple instructions, we looked at Kinder eggs. Inside there is usually something to build, and a set of pictures.
I give out an egg to each pair and they write the instructions that are in picture form.
Here are our instructions!
They then pass the instructions and the toy across to another table, and if the instructions are clear the other pair will be able to build it. It is a bit of fun to start the week, along with many more techniques.
found this little cutie in an egg

We found that one or two of the eggs had little characters inside, so it is a good idea to have more toys than you need for the size of the class, just in case!

Tuesday 13th March

I had a couple of late starts this week as my colleague was doing some of the input sessions. This gave me time to admire the beautiful Magnolia in a neighbour's garden. This is such a lovely time of the year, as everything starts to blossom afresh.

Wednesday 14th March
Elizabeth Castle in the fog
Where is the other side?
High tide in the fog

 Fog!. It's like living at the edge of the known world. I couldn't see the other side of the bay and each day the horizon  became more difficult to find.

Thursday 15th March

I had to pop into St Helier briefly and found myself at West's Centre. Jersey is justifiably famous for its cows, and here we have a set of bronze sculptures of the beasts. Tourists love to sit their small children on them for a photo opportunity, and I didn't have time to wait until the street was empty, so you can see what I mean in my picture.

Friday 16th March
Our new park on the outskirts of town is being well used. The person who designed the water features should be given a pat on the back. Although this one is at the main road end, the noise of the water falling cancels out the traffic noise quite effectively. It will be a super place to sit and contemplate life in the Summer. 

Saturday 17th March

Nice atmosphere

Table decoration
Ask any Irishman the date and he'll tell you that it's St Patrick's Day. He is the Patron Saint of Ireland, and the country loves to celebrate. I play in a ceilidh band, but tonight we have been asked to do a Ceili, an Irish evening, for some of the Local Irish community. It is also a fund-raiser for the Brain injury charity Headway. It is being held in a local hotel and they have decorated the room in the Irish colours of Green, White and Orange.

The evening was a success and raised a lot of money for the charity. It was nice to be involved and also to play some of our other stock of music, which doesn't always get played, as we are predominantly an English folk music band.


  1. Hi Sue

    Wow, you have had a very busy week!! Fab images as ever, and lots of interesting insights into life in Jersey. The pics of the fog are great, and I love the blossoms!

    I love the idea of the Kinder eggs for writing clear instructions - very inspiring, and I bet the trainees enjoy eating them after, lol

    1. They certainly do! And so do the students when I use them for real! The yes the fog is a feature of island life- we are surrounded by water. In the summer it is more like mist and you can see it receding on the drive round to work.

  2. Are they all camellias? Wow! Get some close-ups. Have you seen my flowers set? I've been putting all my flowers pics into one set and am hoping to have them all named so I can learn some!
    Where do the tourists come from, Sue?
    And, oh, I do love the fog!

    1. Sorry Chiew, the flowers are Magnolias. I was thinking about something else when I wrote that down! Have corrected it now. I'll get you a close up though, when I get time to stop :-) The fog is not one of my favourite features of life here, it feels like you are dropping off the edge of the world and there is nothing beyond the sea wall. Our tourists are mostly British or French, and later in the year they come from further afield.