Sunday, 11 March 2012

#Project 366 Week 10

 Week 10! Lots of  outside shots this week. The weather was sunny, and occasionally warm, and the tide was out any time I had a chance to go outside.  Jersey has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world and it is a really different place at high, low or half-tide.

Sunday 4th March 2012
My husband decided to go down to work on his boat, so I dropped him off and took the opportunity to photograph him and his pretty little day boat, Jamesina. She is an Oyster-man Gaff cutter. I was happy for the peace to get on with the preparations for my course.

 The harbour pictures give an idea of the working and pleasure boats in St Helier. On the left you can see all the way down to the town, and the picture on the right shows the corner where the fishing boats are moored.

Monday 5th March
 Today is a big day. I have my new intake of trainees for the Trinity Cert.TESOL.  They range in age and experience, but have already started to bond, so I'm hoping for great things from this lot :-)
Tuesday 6th March
 I managed to finish at a sensible time today and it is really noticeable that the days are getting longer. I decided to attack the wall in my front garden, as the paint had blown in places. Unfortunately, so had some of the render, so I've given myself a much larger job than I expected.

 I am also watching the Azalea outside my bay window  with interest as it has now got buds on it, and I enjoy the flowers when it blooms.

Wednesday 7th March

My daughter sent me parcel returning a bag which I had lent her. In it was this ornament for my bathroom. I haven't decided where to put it yet, but I tried it on the music stand which I sprayed silver and tucked behind the bath. Everyone laughs at my black candles and says they look like black magic, but they match the tiles. My bath is a fantastic place to relax at the end of a busy day. It beats a shower hands down!

Thursday  8th March

The trainees ran out of milk for their coffee, so I offered to walk down the hill to the village. The tide was out and it was an ideal opportunity to take a couple of snaps. The boats always look odd when they are out of the water. You can see across the bay to the southern part of the island.

Friday 9th March

 Most people know that I buy fresh flowers every Sunday, except at Christmas-time. It has been very warm in the window this week and my tulips don't look as if they will survive until Sunday. They look as though they will fall apart if the cats brush against them, as they are wont to do! I might just have to remove them before I get pollen all over the place.

Saturday 10th March

Another sign that spring is here, is that my neighbour has opened up his little shop in his garage. He supports an orphanage in Kenya, which he visits every year to help them build what they need. Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer he sells pocket-money type goods in his garage, which fronts onto the street. He does very well from the children and tourists who pass by and I often buy my costume jewellery from him- at very reasonable prices!


  1. It looks good there! Your black candles really do look like black magic though.

    For some reason my brain just tried to write "candles" as "candals". Not sure why.

  2. I love your bath tub with the ornate feet! One day, I'd like one like this, too!

    The pics of all the boats in the harbour are great, too. Does your hubby have a night boat as well as a day one? That must be lovely to go on excursions! I feel as if I'm getting to know Jersey via your blog, and I look forward to the next installment :-))

    1. The day-boat is what he bought when Cairis was born- much more sedate than the racing dinghy he had before. She's a pretty little thing, and he loves sailing and wasn't tempted by anything faster. I'm afraid I prefer dry land, but our daughter loves the sea too. The harbour is so funny at low tide. All the boats look dirty underneath!