Sunday, 1 April 2012

Project #366 Week 13

Unlucky for some -13. I've never had a problem with the number, especially as it was the day my daughter was born:-)
End of Cert TESOL this week, and fantastic weather too. Everyone has been having lessons outside and enjoying the unseasonable warmth. Normally I have to put in a request for some nice weather for my moderator, but this week saw days and days of wall-to-wall sunshine.

Sunday 25th March 2012
This is the camellia bud I've been keeping an eye on. The warm weather effect is now apparent as it is starting to open. I always enjoy the sight as it sits outside my bay window and I  can enjoy the flowers from the sitting room.

Monday 26th March
Slight change of timetable today, as the voice I lost over the weekend hasn't quite returned. We decided to do some of the paperwork which we will need at the end of the week. I will probably be run off my feet marking, and won't see much of the outside world, so don't expect much in the way of interesting pictures this week! I did, however, spot this in the college car park! It tickled me as it looks the way I feel - a bit cracked!!On the other hand, I feel sorry for trees which are buried under concrete and can understand the bid for escape:-)

Tuesday 27th March
Yes! The first camellia is now open. I'll send these pics to #ELTpics as an example of sequence, which is this week's category.

Wednesday 28th 

I've just got time to go down to the village to check on the arrangements for our party on Friday. We always do a 'thank you' party in the afternoon for the students who come for the Free classes, before going  out for a meal at the end of the course. We are having incredibly low (Neep) tides at the moment. It almost looks as though you could walk to France across the sand. Every time I come down, there is no water in the harbour. You can see the silt in the picture too. I think they will be dredging the harbour in the near future, or the boats will have even MORE difficulty getting onto their berths.

Thursday 29th March

My moderator has arrived and today's job is to take all the files down to his hotel for him to mark. You can see from the back of my car that I've had a few very busy evenings, with 12 of everything to  read , mark and prepare.

Friday 30th March
Another beautiful sunny day, perfect for moderation.  The trainees went  shopping for the food and drink for this afternoon, and things are going smoothly. We had a lovely party, with lots of the students turning up, and even some of the profilees came to say 'goodbye, and thank you'.

My trainees gave me this beautiful bouquet too.

We then went down to the local steak house for a delicious meal. Some of the trainees are off home or starting jobs in the next few days and they might never meet up all together again. It's a fun evening, but also a bit sad when they have bonded so well.

Saturday 31st March

The new entrance to the complex
Meerkat sun bed?
I offered to do a bit of a tour for the moderator and his lovely partner today. I picked them up in the morning, and we set out to have a look around the coast. At some point in the afternoon, we arrived at Durrell, what used to be known as Jersey Zoo, although it was never really a zoo. Started by Gerald Durrell, it collects endangered species and works to reverse the disappearance of these animals where possible. I took pictures of the statues, rather than the animals. The weather changed and, like us, the creatures wanted to be inside! This cute meerkat was an exception, as you can see him standing under a heated light. I've never seen that before.
Bronze lizard
A bronze of the man himself


  1. Week after week, how quickly they go by. What a lovely bunch of flowers!

  2. Thanks Chiew. I always have a bunch of flowers in my classroom. It makes the trainees feel calm:-). It was lovely that they bought me some at the end of the course.

  3. I am glad I dropped by just as I sat down to put my marks together - my correcting's done too. If I was more organised this last step would not be necessary :-)

  4. Thanks for dropping by. I hate marking but needs must... When I lost my voice at the weekend, I decided to move the goalposts and get my trainees to start the paperwork a day early. It actually paid off, so I'm going to rewrite my timetable for the next course as it took pressure off the end of the course:-)