Saturday, 28 April 2012

Project #366 Week 17

This week the weather has been atrocious and lovely by turns. On Wednesday there was such a storm that some of the island's trees were lost. Each day has been different, but the overwhelming need to be dry and indoors has coloured my photos each day :-)
Sunday 22nd April

I was still enjoying the VRT and didn't want to be far from my computer, so I made the usual Sunday soup and decided to try my hand at some home-made bread, which I haven't made for ages. I made a carrot and walnut loaf, which tastes fantastic with golden Jersey butter.
Monday 23rd April
 Thank goodness that I only work until lunchtime on a Monday!  When the weather is foul, there is nothing nicer than being at home. My sitting room is always pleasant and made more comfortable by the sleeping cats. Maisie is asleep on the windowsill and Ebony is on top of the cupboard.
Tuesday 24th
This was probably the nicest day of the week. The wind dropped and the temperature rose. Sunday was too wet to go out for the usual flowers, so I picked some up today.  All the Spring flowers have finished so I got some pinks. I like to put some in front of the mirror as the reflection helps it look like a much larger bunch:-) They also smell delicious.

Wednesday 25th

One of my favourite days of the week, as I enjoy #ELTchat in the evening. I took my 1-2-1 student for a walk through the fish market this afternoon. It is a Victorian covered market, like the fruit and veg one on the other side of the road.
Thursday 26th

Jersey is divided into 12 Parishes, and I live in St Saviour. Each Parish is separated by water, most often the streams are underground these days. A few doors away is the beginning of the Parish of St Helier, which is the island's  town.

At the end of the road, the Catholic church of St Thomas stands majestic. The church is a favourite with all Catholics and holds separate services for the Polish, Portuguese and French communities on the island.  St Thomas's can be seen on the skyline from almost every part of town.

Friday 27th
Every time a new building or public space is designed, there has to be a percentage given over to Art. The new town park was no exception and has lots of quirky statues and water features. One of my favourites is a beautiful sculpture of polished rose granite, which is the local stone.

Saturday 28th
Disaster! I decided to clean my kitchen, including the clock which looked a bit dusty. On putting it in hot soapy water I discovered, to my chagrin,that the numerals and decoration of musical notes were stuck on the back, and were slowly disappearing into the bowl of water!!
Nothing daunted, I went to the local art shop, which I  pass everyday and always look in the window at the interesting things they sell. I had always fancied one of their fun clocks and now had the perfect opportunity to buy one. It was more difficult than I had expected, as the choice was large! I finally left with one which had a cat chasing its dinner. I have an interesting collection of cat things, so it was a logical choice really:-)


  1. That is one weird clock!

  2. I like it. The black cat one didn't hang on the wall. Just watching the Rugby. Jersey have won the Championship and go up to the next level and they are playing the last game of the season now. Winning by a mile :-)

  3. What a lovely week, Sue! You have mentioned the carrot and walnut bread before if I remember that well. It looks delicious! What a cosy living room you have. It's so nice to see it from this angle. I also love covered Victorian markets. There are so many unexpected aspects of the island you let us discover...Shame your notes clock had to go but the cat clock really suits the place too! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing your week with us!

  4. No - the last bread was cabbage loaf- I haven't made a loaf myself for ages.I was sorry to lose my old clock, which I had before the kitchen was rebuilt. Never mind, the other is quite jolly.I'd really enjoying sharing the island with you for real. If you get a chance.....:-)
    Thanks for dropping by- and for being the 2500 visitor to my blog!!!! That should be worth something:-)

  5. Hi Sue

    Congrats on your blog numbers! Your bread looks really tasty! My hubby bakes bread sometimes and it's such a treat!

    I love your new clock - it looks really great. Like you, I enjoy collecting cat stuff and we have all sorts of cat ornaments around the house:-)

    There'll be 8 moggies waiting for me later tonight...

    All the best


    1. That's a lot of cats! I have enough trouble with my two. I love the way that Ebony waits for me when I come home:-)