Sunday, 22 April 2012

project #366 week 16

It's been an interesting week weather-wise, full of sunshine and April showers. This has meant that the island is really starting to come to life. There are flowers everywhere now. I managed to get out a bit, although I got soaked a few times. I'll be glad when April comes to an end:-)

Sunday 15th April
Today was cold and miserable- a day for staying home and keeping dry. I had a glut of carrots, as my neighbour brought me some from his allotment, and I had already had my organic veg box delivered- which included carrots! I decided to try some carrot and orange soup, with herbs from the garden. It was very nice, although sweeter than I'd expected it would be.

Monday 16th April

 For those who don't know- I live on a little island in the English Channel, close to France. I have twice been asked this week for information about the USA, to which I had to explain that they were confusing Old Jersey, with New Jersey, the clue being in the name:-). Here is a small map giving you a picture of the place. Today I finished at lunchtime and decided to go for a walk on the North coast.

Tuesday 17th April
My neighbours are having their roof repaired and when I look out of my window I can see the scaffolding. This is a buzz word in the ELT profession too. These Victorian semi-detached houses opposite me give you an idea of what mine looks like. Although mine, and my neighbour's have beautiful glass in the front doors.

Wednesday 18th 
Many thanks to one of the moderators of #ELTchat on twitter for sending me a couple of t-shirts, which arrived today. These were on sale at  the IATEFL conference, which I missed, so I was delighted that he saved me a couple:-). I wonder when I will get the chance to wear it. I might have to wait for the Tesol France conference in Paris later in the year!

Thursday 19th 
All the rain and sunshine has brought on all the shrubs outside my classroom. While my students were working I took a quick shot of the mock orange under the window. The smell is absolutely fantastic.

Friday 20th 

 I've been looking forward to this day as it sees the start of the Virtual Round Table weekend conference, which I plan to see as much as possible of. My black cat, Ebony, decided to help-or hinder! She attacked me every time I tried to move the mouse:-( Eventually I managed to coax her away and settled in for a good evening. We went down to the pub for a couple of hours during the evening, and returned in time to continue where I left off. My luck was in - and I enjoyed Janet talking about this project - and how to use the pictures in class, which was excellent.

Saturday 21st
Yuk- but necessary
Ebony's loo

 More VRT, almost as soon as I got up. I then caught up with my social media... and tried to put off the moment when I had to change the cat litter:-(. As it had been raining on and off all week, the two little treasures had decided to keep their feet dry! It's not my favourite job, but eventually I did it. Now I feel quite smug- and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't rain this week!!!


  1. I'm jealous of your soup. Keith is currently trying to feed me. ;)
    It's also about time they fixed the roof...have they fixed the paintwork too?
    There is no way you were working when that photo was taken, I know what your ebooks look like! It looks like she's reading the book too though! :)

  2. I couldn't do anything at all because she kept attacking me :-) She's now sitting on the back of the chair while I write this.

  3. Hey - you really deserve your ELTchat T-shirt, with great job you did moderating this week :-)
    (I'm still jealous though!)
    I liked the Jersey/New Jersey confusion! At least the founding fathers added new to that one - the number of towns called "Paris" in the US never ceases to amaze me.