Saturday, 14 April 2012

project#366 week 15

The weather has been typical of April this week- sunshine and showers.  My students have all been very hard-working and interesting. This has been a week for me to get the house, garden, and me into shape.

Sunday 8th April 2012
 Easter Sunday. Cairis is safely back in London, and Miles is on holiday, so there are just the two of us for dinner. Malcolm likes to have lamb at Easter, and we had the first Jersey Royals of the year. My veg box had some interesting aubergines- white striped- so I decided to accompany the lamb with a ratatouille-type dish.

Monday 9th April 
Much to many people's amazement, I had to go to work. We don't close on bank holidays or religious festivals, except for Christmas. Driving to work took almost no time at all, as the roads were deserted at that time of the morning. Some new students didn't all turn up, thinking that it was a holiday, so the Tuesday was slightly bizarre!

Tuesday 10th April 
After all the chocolate eggs at the weekend I decided that it would be a great idea to get back to the gym round the corner. It is for ladies only, and has a policy of No mirrors, No men and No Lycra, so I feel at ease there and the staff are really well-trained and supportive. I suffered from it the next day, but it was good to get back to some form of exercise after the last month when I had no time whatsoever.

Wednesday 11th April
Staying with the health kick- I went off to the weight watchers' meeting where I help out as a clerk. It was nice to have been missed, as they hadn't seen me for 5 weeks. Lizzie is an amazing leader and makes everyone want to do their best. She is running the London marathon soon for charity, and really deserves our support.

Thursday 12th April 

 Having a very domestic day today. First of all I had to go shopping after work. This took ages, as everyone else seemed to be having the same idea. I like the system where you scan your own shopping and bag it as you go, which is one reason that I use this particular supermarket.

 I also received a new dustbin which I had ordered online. I wanted a bright red one to match my kitchen and the only one I could find locally was monstrously expensive. This one has sensors which open it automatically when you get near. You can imagine my cat's shock when she jumped over it and was bashed by the lid flying open:-) I don't think she'll do that again in a hurry.

Friday 13th April
Buds on the birch
Honeysuckle, and the grapevine
Grape Hyacinth

Today I stayed home as I had a bit of a dickey tummy. I spent a little time in the garden, enjoying the colour which has started to appear everywhere. 

Saturday 14th April

Mint and chive 
Visit to the gym, and some work on the herb garden, which is growing by the day. I love cooking and there is nothing nicer than using things that you have grown yourself in your garden. My herbs are in a raised bed just outside the kitchen, and it is easy to pop out and gather what is needed for a meal. My favourites are Basil and thyme, but it is a little too early  to see them, as they need a bit more warmth. The greenery is wonderful to look at too.


  1. Terribly modern, no? Scanner on the trolley, sensor on the dustbin... Is is solar-powered?
    Love your herbs! Wish I could grow some coriander or something, but I was told they can't be cultivated indoors. :( I might try it nevertheless!

  2. Have you got a balcony? I used to grow herbs on the window ledge in my flat, and they worked fine:-)

    1. If I had a balcony, it would have been a jungle by now! ;)

  3. Yes, they are handy for plants! LOL

  4. What a lovey, colourful week, Sue!;-)
    From the red of that delicious looking dish and your high tech dustbin( is this the future?;-)) to the dark blue of your non-lycra gym trousers (love that pic!) and all those lovely shades of green...
    I can see you in the supermarket carpark, photographing your trolley.. ;-)
    And I am so jealous of your herb garden. That looks just fabulous!

    1. Thanks Mieke.
      You're right about the car park- and I did get some funny looks!
      Will be using the herbs all through the year, and I expect more will be coming up in the next few weeks too. The dustbin is great- you can use it even when your hands are full- which was the idea. I think Ebony has learned her lesson though :-)