Sunday, 13 May 2012

Project #366 Week 19

What a strange week it has been. We have had some fantastic weather - and some shocking weather too. We did some CPD this week which was fun and quite unusual - more about that in a separate post!A couple of holidays, which affected me only in as much as my husband was off and had the car :-(

Sunday May 6th 2012
Today was freezing. I lit the fire again and spent my afternoon taking part in the Webheads In Action session, followed by a webinar organised by BEsig.
Malcolm playing the bones
The Mendip dancers don't go home until Monday lunchtime, so my husband was out and about with them all weekend. In the evening he called to invite me down to their final pub session in the Trinity Arms. I decided  not to take my instrument, and to just enjoy listening to the music for a change. My husband played his bones, which is a typical rural instrument, made from cow ribs. I also enjoyed the tuba player from the visiting side. It added something different to the music:-)
Miles and Vanessa
Some of our musicians played as well, particularly Vanessa, who used to play in a ceilidh band in the UK with some of the visiting musicians. They were all delighted at the chance to catch up and play together again.

Monday 7th May

Today was the first Bank holiday of the week. My husband ran me to work, then kept the car so that he could help drive the people to the ferry. This gave me the opportunity to walk home. As I normally have the car, this doesn't happen often, so I take advantage if the weather is fine. At first the day looked dull and damp, but by lunchtime it had really brightened up - so I took my chances. The route home takes me round the coast- or across the beach if the tide is right. I set out along the road, and realised that I would have to share with the Petit Train, cyclists, dog-walkers  etc. Everyone was out walking! I decided to cross the beach instead. It took me a couple of hours to get back, but I enjoyed the exercise.
Elizabeth Castle from the distance
Elizabeth Castle as I crossed the beach
Le Petit Train

Tuesday 8th May

A normal day today. Very little traffic on the road and I had time to take a photo of the farm that supplies the farm shop. I like their scarecrow!

Wednesday 9th May
Today is Liberation Day, a very special day in Jersey's history. Again, most people are on holiday, but our school is not closed. My husband gave me a lift to work again, and offered to pick me up if I
didn't feel like walking home twice in one week. The weather wasn't very nice, so I walked half way and then called my 'taxi'.
The Jersey Flag
Thursday 10th May
Today was wet and horrible. The lovely weather seems like a thing of the past. Fortunately the warm and wet weather has boosted the flowers in the garden. Cairis's rose is about to flower, and it won't stop for months.

Friday 11th May
A red sky at night....
It was great to come to the end of the week. I met my private student at my house after work and he told me about his forth-coming nuptials. I can't believe that he and his lovely partner are getting married on the one weekend that I will be off the rock. However, I will be in Paris at a symposium, so I can't complain. They will be getting married in St Thomas's at the bottom of the road and the ceremony will be in both Polish and English. I have offered to help them rehearse the English part as Aga doesn't speak English very well and is panicking:-) The sky tonight heralded a better weekend than the weather we have seen for the last couple of days.

Saturday 12th May
Beautiful weather, although not as warm as it was last week. I decided to do some work on the garden. This is part after I spent ages weeding it. I managed to do half of the flower bed and then mulched it with some red shredded bark. I hope it will suppress the weeds for a while.

I couldn't resist this picture of Maisie in the window, sitting half in shadow and half in bright sunlight. She had been sniffing the Sweet William on the window ledge.


  1. Hi Sue!

    I love all the pictures and especially Elizabeth Castle - I truly hope to visit you some day : )))

    Great project,

    1. Thanks Vicky. I will be delighted to have you visit. You will know what you want to visit from the photos :-)

  2. My cat is still beautiful and my rose is the best rose. :D Two nice things to see after finishing!

    1. It's a pretty picture of Maisie. She's sleeping in the garden at the moment. It's too warm for the little fluffy one:-) Your rose is almost open today. I think I'll have a picture for you in the next day or two.

  3. It's great to be without a car from time to time. We're usually a two car family living out of town, and since one of them has reached the en of it's life, I'm discovering the joys of walking again. It's sooo good for one, but of course it's all a question of TIME.
    I am so full of admiration at you keeping up the challange so well :-)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth.
      It's amazing what little things happen in the day and make you think- I'll just have a photo of that!
      A couple of years ago I didn't even have a camera!!
      Walking is great for exercise and fresh air, but I only manage the 4.5-mile one when Malcolm has the car, so roll on the next Bank Holiday. I believe their are two at the beginning of June for the Jubilee.