Sunday, 23 September 2012

Project #366 Week 38

Well, here goes for the end of another week. This one was so busy that something had to give! Unfortunately, the sacrifice was my time, which meant that I had to bow out of the course I was trying to do myself:-) Apologies to everyone else. Never mind! At some point I'll have the opportunity to do something similar again- and have the time to devote to it :-)
Sunday 16th September

Gorey beach looking South

Gorey Promenade
Today was a busy one -  My house was slowly turning into a disaster area with all the work I've been doing leaving me no time for boring things like housework. M was still sailing in the Regatta, and Cairis was very busy doing the paperwork for the course :-). I decided to pop down to Gorey, a village on the East coast, to visit a friend who had been in hospital. He lives on the coast road with a view over the promenade gardens and Mont Orgeuil Castle which overlooks the harbour. After procrastinating over a coffee, I headed back and tidied up:-)
 Monday 17th
Today was a chance for me to use my new gadget. I've been carrying it around in my bag and had forgotten it was there. It is a little curl of rubber to use as a door stop. My trainees were in and out today, and as we are upstairs and I didn't want to disturb the other classes, it was the perfect way to hold back the big fire door at the end of the corridor. Our room is the one at the back, as it's the biggest room in the building, and perfect for training purposes.
Tuesday 18th
I was running late today and not very pleased when I got to work to find that the minibus was parked in my usual space. The driver normally takes the bus up into the corner and out of the way, leaving one small space which I have adopted :-)

Wednesday 19th
 The weather has been beautiful this week, although decidedly cooler in the evenings.  I am enjoying the leaves on the tree outside the window slowly change colour. It will soon be glorious! Tonight the sky was spectacular, both from the front and the back of the house.
Thursday 20th
 My husband knows me too well. Next week there are not enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. He informed me that he was going to go to the mainland to visit his family. He actually has more holiday time than I do, so it's a good idea for him to use some up. Mine will revolve around TESOL France, or some other conference :-)
Today one of my trainees decided to do a very suggestopedic lesson, which involved crossing a crocodile infested swamp. This was all in aid of practising the Prepositions of Direction the beginners class had been learning. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think that it helped them retain some of the info.
Friday 21st
 TGIF! today was pay day too! I had time for lunch, for a change, so I popped up to the local supermarket cafe. The Bulgarian waiter told me that he was coming to my classes in October and then proceeded to make me a free coffee :-) That was a nice touch. The trainees have now taught for 6 hours each, with more to go next week. It has been nice to see their development each lesson, and soon they will be out in the big wide world looking for work. Some of them already know where they are going and have jobs to go to. The picture that will remain in my head for this group is this teapot. They drink tea and coffee non-stop, especially fruity and green tea blends!
Saturday 22nd
This is a catching up and finishing everything weekend. I marked all the Language Awareness tests, which everyone passed :-) and then had a look at their collaborative tasks on the wiki. I am now free to sort out this blog, do some cooking and cleaning and curl up by the fire. Yes- I've bitten the bullet and ordered in the coal for the winter. I already had a large basket of pinecones too, so this evening I am sitting by the first fire of the cooler days. I don't want to turn on the central heating yet- gas is so expensive and it is not really cold. The flickering flames of the fire are psychologically soothing. I also managed to catch up with a couple of interesting things online: The BESIG people did a webinar on copyright, and in the morning there were a couple of interesting sessions in Turkey for aPLaNet.



  1. Hi Sue

    What a lovely roaring fire! I am freezing here in Oxford, so the fire looks very cosy and warm to me;-)

    Fabulous sunset pics as well!

    I missed you on the course, but as you say, there will be more opportunities ahead and I look forward to learning with you then:-) :-)



  2. Yes sorry :-( I have been run off my feet. I foolishly suggested that my trainees send me electronic copies of their work as they finalised it. Then realised that some of them were way off the mark and spent time sorting them out. M went away because I think he gets fed up of me disturbing his sleep when I finally crawl into bed ! Next week will not be any different, I'm sure :-(
    I'm just about to light the fire for this evening and sit down with a book for half an hour. Cairis has taken herself off to bed to shake off a headache, and there are just me and the catties:-)

  3. WOAH! - I was too late for NicP - he is my hero. I've started my Third years on their wikis again (pbworks) - although they get more technologically aware every year, I'm still amazed at how little these people of the "digital native" generation know about the tools available - but it's much easier than getting their work by email. Am very surprised to learn that you are NOT wonderwoman after all! (gavin's course)

    1. NikP was great:-)
      I am definitely NOT wonderwoman- I'm ready to scream! The trainees work is trickling in for marking, even with the threat of losing marks for late handover:-)The people from the next course have starting sending in pre-course work to be marked, and there are not enough hours in the day :-(
      Never mind, this will all be over in a few days- and then it'll be time to start again. Whoever said life was boring, got it seriously wrong. At the start of this project I wondered if I would have enough to keep it up for a year- and look where we are now!!