Saturday, 29 September 2012

Project #366 Week 39

This was the last week of the first course, and I spent it marking, and preparing for the next one. Bed was a distant luxury and M going to Scotland was a wise decision on his part. The weather this week was fine, although it sounds like it was very wild and woolly in parts of the mainland. It still isn't really cold, and I'm not yet wearing any heavy clothes, or even a coat, although it is starting to get nippy at night.

Sunday 23rd September 2012
Cairis was busy finishing off her paperwork, so I got to grips with some housework, and spent the rest of the time fielding phone calls and emails from my trainees. I picked up some flowers from the little stall I always go to on a Sunday  and we bought some bread from the Garden centre, and had it with some home-made soup. M's friend was working on his boat at low tide. Here is Jigsaw sitting in the mud. No wonder Mike is in bare feet:-)
Monday 24th
Today was the day that the trainees handed in their learner profiles. The profilees were sad that their time in the spotlight had come to an end. Cairis and Josh had  been working with Swiss girls, who gave them each a Lindt chocolate as a thank you for their work. The trainees  made copies of  their profiles for their students, which will help them in the future.

Tuesday 25th
I had a free 5 minutes today! Not a lot! I decided to have a quick look to see if there were any comments on here. I was excited to see that I had exactly 5000 views on the counter. By the time I had organised my camera to photo the detail for posterity, it had changed to 5001 :-)

Wednesday 26th
The moderator arrived today, so I picked him up from the airport and dropped him down to his hotel in the village. Imagine my surprise to see a robot made of recyclede elecrical appliances outside the Parish Hall. It was made by a local artist to highlight the fact that we should be doing more recycling, and was outside to encourage locals to bring their rubbish along. I belive that there is going to be the same thing in the other parishes.

Thursday 27th
My trainees were delighted to have handed everything in for marking, and were sitting at rest in their room. I snapped a couple of them- checking their social media, I think, for the first time in days :-) while the other two were chilling!. I don't know where everyone else was at that point.

Friday 28th
Nice piece of Jersey Granite

Poor Kit. Not only did he have to be moderated, he was also releasing an album in the evening. Normally we all go out for dinner after the party we lay on for our TP students. Kit suggested that we all go down to watch the album launch, and then eat together in town. My own band also decided to go down to listen, and, as a result of the posters Kit had placed around the school, many of the students turned up too. I felt as if  the different parts of my life were colliding! The band is a Jerriais band called Les Badlabecques, which means The Chatterboxes. They were veryy good, and many people turned out to listen to them. They performed outside the States Chambers, where our government meets, and chose the date to celebrate the Corn Riots of the 18th Century, which led to Jersey getting some degree of democracy.

Saturday 29th
Crowds out to watch the Dragon Boat race

M came home yesterday, but he wasn't planning on hanging around :-) His friend had asked him if he would helm his big boat for a race to Granville, in Normandy. When I dropped him down to the harbour it was very busy. The  French ferry was in, boats were preparing for the race, and there was a dragon boat race about to start. This takes place every year, and companies put forward a team to take part. All the money is raised for Jersey Hospice. Last year they made £40,000. I finished the day playing music at a ceilidh wedding for one of the Jersey Lilies. She got married in the bay, with a full moon overhead. It was magical!


  1. Dear Sue,
    Thanks a lot for another great update:)In each I learn something about your hometown ,its history and annual events. I'm enjoying and looking forward to next post:) I agree with you there's something magical about full moon:)Hope you'll have a good rest:-)

    1. I hope you are having a great time in the US. I had a rest at the weekend, and then started again, so it has been a busy week. I'm thinking about the conference in Istanbul in December- what a pity you won't be there :-)

  2. Hi Sue

    Another enjoyable post to read. Well done on your 5000+ views - that's very exciting!

    I had a connection with Jersey today! I was at a car boot sale (I love them!), and I spotted a beautiful creamer in the shape of a Jersey cow. I think such creamers are really unusual and lovely.

    Thanks a lot for your fab updates! Have a great weeek :-)

    1. Did you buy the milk jug? It used to be easy to find them all over the place but most of the tourist shops have gone, so you don't see that sort of thing much any more.

  3. How great to make music with friends!
    Enjoyed your week again ;-)

    1. Thanks. Sorry It has taken so long to get round to answering. Been a very busy week.