Sunday, 19 January 2014

Project 52 Week 3

This was an interesting - and ultimately expensive week.
Things started out well- I bought my usual flowers- and this time there were some tulips on offer as well. It is such a lovely thing to have flowers in the house- I am absolutely hopeless with plants, but I enjoy the colour of cut flowers at the different times of the year.

On Monday I decided that I was now feeling well enough to venture back to the gym. I would like everyone to see a difference when I catch up with them at IATEFL, but it's hard work:-(
I asked Father Christmas for some new kit, and he gave me a voucher for Marks and Spencer, so I must go shopping one day soon. The stuff I was wearing today has definitely seen better days.

Cairis was at home for a couple of days so I asked her to accompany me to the supermarket. Will I never learn! I'm sure that the bill is at least a third longer than it needs to be when I go shopping with one of my family. There is always something sneaked into the trolley. My students are always amused by my receipts- and as it is a word they often confuse, I like to have one in my handbag at all times.

On Wednesday I did some work on my two EVO sessions, and invited a neighbour for Coffee. She is a Quaker and we often have interesting discussions about differing religious dogma. Cairis was interested in our conversation too, and had points to make from her experiences in China. In the evening my artist friend Carl rang up in a panic because he couldn't get his computer to do something. It was too late to go out so I offered to visit the next day.

from front window
from side window
I was ages at Carl's house trying to fix his machine. The fact that he has a Mac and I am more comfortable with windows didn't help. We did get it sorted to his satisfaction in the end. His recent upgrade had messed with his other hardware and I had to re-download lots of things and reinstall some programs. I like going to his house during the day as the views from his windows are fantastic. His house is upside down, with the bedrooms on the ground floor, to take advantage of the surroundings.
But, as you can see, it was very windy.

Friday-Yippee- the end of the week. Everyone was at work, so I did the housework, and settled down to work on the EVO sessions again. In the evening we went out to the pub to play some music in a jam session. We chose an old inn on the North Coast. It has lots of atmosphere- and very importantly as far as the menfolk are concerned,- it sells Real Ale. There were quite a few of us and the music sounded good. It is a fun way to learn new tunes from each other too.

Saturday dawned bright and early- It was Wassailing day and I had to deliver my Morris man to the meeting place to pick up the mini bus for the day. They were planning to serenade the apple orchards of the island, to wish them a strong crop.The day started out clear and sunny, but deteriorated somewhat as the day went on. M said later that it was at its worst when they were in a local hostellerie having their lunch, so they just stayed inside longer, and had another beer:-)

Pride always comes before a fall!
The new and the old
Oops, will it fit?
On returning to the house I was horrified to have the 'blue screen of death' from my computer. Okay, It was old. And it had been playing up for a few weeks. Luckily for me, I am very careful about backups, and had an external hard-drive with some of my stuff on it, and lots of material on dropbox. Still, I hadn't been planning on spending much money as it was earmarked for my trip to IATEFL.
Cairis and I went shopping. We found a reasonably cheap PC, three times  faster, more memory, and smaller in size. The monitor went the other way. It is bigger than the old one, up from a 17" to a 25". In fact, we nearly couldn't fit it in the space on my desk. I have spent the whole of the weekend re-installing my software, updating everything, and getting to grips with Windows 8.
 Here's hoping next week will be a little easier :-)


  1. Hi Sue, great to catch up with your week, a very busy one indeed! Sorry to hear about your computer, but maybe the new one will be much better and I love your 25" screen - that will make things so much easier to view stuff. Good luck with Windows 8! Enjoy week 4, and glad to hear you are much better.

    1. Hope your mum gets better soon. My new computer will be great once I can find everything :-) It's quite intuitive though, so here's hoping...