Sunday, 23 March 2014

Project 52 Week 12

Here we are at the start of week 13, and I'm looking back at the week just gone by. It was interesting- and jam-packed with paperwork and housework, among other things.
The weather was greatly improved from the previous week and the students at the college are now spending their free time outside, instead of looking to huddle round the nearest radiator. Lots of pictures of the sea this week- it looks different every day and is just so special.


Sunday we walked along the beach at low tide. The recent storms and super-high tides have changed the beaches. Some of them are more stony, some have more sand, and some are closed at the moment due to rockfalls. The sea goes out so far that it looks as though you could walk to the French Coast. I think you would get caught by the tide as it turns though:-)

The school was busy this morning- we had two groups of teenagers arriving at the same time. The only quiet place was at the back of the minibus, where the bank is covered in spring flowers. The trainees were preparing to do their final lessons before swapping classes, and it was nice to see them doing their planning in the fresh air. The free-class numbers have been very constant, which is unusual. Sometimes they only come in on their day off- or even NOT come in on their day off! It has meant that the continuity of lessons has been beneficial to the group. The trainees are getting lots of practice and the students are very willing guinea pigs.


I managed to escape down to the village for lunch today. Everyone was otherwise occupied, and so I walked down the hill to the shop. I decided to cross over to sit in the sun and took a lovely photo of the low tide. We decided to stop using the cabin for our lessons as it has become the favourite hang-out of the teens. It also meant that we had access to the main building WiFi, so technology lessons were the order of the day.


Still sunny , but a bit windy today. The view from my classroom shows how blue the water is. I am always surprised when I can see the sea from the top of the hill.
 The car park is full: teachers, minibuses, students and trainees have all parked there today. The old granite buildings on the left are being refurbished at the moment, hence the builder's lorries. I managed to convince one of my tutors to do the YL input session, which he is more qualified to teach than me. This freed me up to help Marisa moderate the ELTchat at lunchtime. I think she was grateful to not be left on her own, as no-one else was free.


I got a very artistic photo of the abreuvoir at the back of the college. The water drips down constantly. I wouldn't want to be someone with a waterworks problem in the classes nearby, in the summer, when the windows are open:-) 


The high tide was on my way to work this morning. I saw a bit of spray coming over the sea wall, but it wasn't a real problem. The surf looks amazing as it rolls in on each wave.
Today the trainees had their language awareness test. They all passed with flying colours- but looked stressed while they were doing it. It is the final weekend of their course, so they will not be getting much sleep as they prepare the final paperwork for moderation.


I've been looking forward to today for ages. We invited Adrian Underhill over to do a CPD session with practical application on how to use his Demand-High meme. It was fantastic, and everyone left enthused. I then had to rush home to help Cairis with her costume for a Disney themed birthday party in the evening, and finally had to disappear off to play for a wedding on the other side of the island. The sun was struggling to appear today- and we had a few hail showers. I stopped to take this picture  in the morning, on the way to the session. The sunshine on the water looks odd with the rain clouds rolling in across the bay.

Next week is the final week of the course. Moderation at the weekend. I hope the builder will be coming to do our wall! Yes- it's still not agreed by the Insurance companies involved! and then-off to IATEFL. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone, and meeting some of my PLN face to face for the first time.

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  1. Glad to read yo uhave had a lovely week. Such beautiful images of the sea!!

    Saturday's CPD session sounds just up my street, and the Demand-High meme sounds very interesting. I attended a workshop by Adrian Underhill a few years back and it was so re-energising and memorable. He had so much energy and passion to share. It was one of the best sessions I have ever attended, so it must have been lovely to have him as a guest.

    Enjoy week 13!