Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project 52 Week 13

This week was super busy. The weather was unsettled, and quite cold to start with, and then turned bright and sunny.


The first of the trainee's files came in for marking. This is always an interesting time, especially for those who seem incapable of meeting deadlines. I stayed at work until quite late, and then was too tired to have dinner.
This set the pattern for the week and I have been living on junk food for the best part of the time. Chocolate has been a life-saver!


 More marking! Busy busy busy!!! I holed up in the room next door, so that I could work in peace, and just kept my head down. What the weather was doing, I have no idea. I didn't even look outside. I did remember to recruit someone else to moderate on Wednesday- thank goodness for social media.


The builder came to start demolishing the wall. He wasn't very complimentary about the original construction, thinking he could rubbish the builders,  but then he heard that it had been there for 160-odd years and stopped complaining. You can see the dustbin doing sterling work stopping people from falling into the hole.


Time to pick up the moderator from the airport. I had agreed it with him in an email last week. When I arrived, the plane was just landing and I waited for ages for him. Eventually there was no-one left in the airport, so I went to his hotel to check. He told me that he had just walked right past me and taken a taxi! This set the tone for the next couple of days- very stressful- and NOT impressed. This is the old 1937 arrivals hall, which is going to be knocked down. a) it contains asbestos, and b) it is in the way as the aircraft get bigger.


I went down to the harbour to pick the moderator up. The tide was out and I always like seeing the boats sitting in the mud in the harbour. It was the least difficult part of the day, so I went early to get my fill, before I had to start working :-)
In the evening I walked down the hill with my trainees to have dinner in a local restaurant. It was a nice evening to finish on, especially as everyone passed.


My in-laws are due back today to do some work on the boat they overwintered here.. They wanted to come last week, but I knew that they would be underfoot in a very busy week. We popped up to the airport-again, to pick them up. They were happy to arrive in 17 degrees of sunshine, as they had just left a very cold Scotland. I didn't see much of them as I was getting reacquainted with my bed, and doing laundry so that I could pack for IATEFL. It looks like Ebony found it first.


Mother's day. Cairis bought me some lovely vases to put my Sunday flowers in. Everyone, including M, went off to play with their respective boats and Cass went skating, leaving me in peace. I popped down to the fish shop and bought some lobsters for tonight's dinner, and some Jersey Royals. My visitors will be suitably impressed, I'm sure. Picture will be added when I have a moment.


  1. Another very busy week has flown past for you, I bet! It will be lovely to relax and meet up with friends at IATEFL and enjoy all the talks. I will always remember how nice it was meeting you and other members of our PLN in Brighton, and what a fantastic time was had by all. Looking forward to hearing all about it soon :-) Have a great week number 14!

    1. Thanks Janet. I'm really sorry that you won't be there :-(