Sunday, 20 April 2014

project 52 weeks 15 and 16

Week 15

I think that week 15 can be summed up with one picture. I returned from Iatefl, with what I thought was a cold. After a couple of days it hit me like a ton of bricks- and I was reliably informed by my  sister-in-law doctor that it was flu. The next few days were spent in bed, and it was only towards the end of week 16 that I started to feel human again.

Week 16


Monday saw me returning to work, although it probably would have been a better idea to stay at home. I tried to keep out of everyone's way, but Monday is my morning only day, so I was able to go back to bed quite quickly. Cairis twisted her knee and needed crutches for a few days, so they had to be taken back to the hospital.
I was delighted to see some of my recent trainees had come in to start teaching.


Yippee. The builder has finally finished our wall.
It will need to dry out for a few days before it can be painted, but it looks a million times better. 
M and Cairis are off at the weekend, so they will have time to repaint it while I am at work. WE don't get any of the bank holidays off :-( The builder has done a good job, although it was difficult to match up the slope on the gatepost.


The weather is unbelievably good this week. Wall to wall sunshine, although the wind takes the edge off it. The college grounds are beginning to look, and smell, very very good. I really love the smell of the mock orange bush under my classroom window. The colours around the island are vibrant, with every shade of green you could imagine.


I stayed behind to prepare my certificates for the students who are leaving tomorrow. This meant that I was stuck in traffic on my way home, as I had miscalculated the time. I had two choices: I could sit and complain, or enjoy the view of the low tide. No prizes for guessing which won. The sea is a beautiful aquamarine at the moment, although it is really far out in the picture.


One a penny, two a penny....
I went to work this morning while the rest of my family stayed at home. I made sure that I had plenty of hot cross buns for the coffee break. I take some in every year- now it is expected.
In the morning , before I left, I found some branches in the garden to turn into a little Easter tree. Maisie spent the day trying to knock the little eggs off :-)
In the afternoon they picked me up and we had afternoon tea in a local hotel- very civilised! The sea this morning was flat calm, so I wasn't surprised that M hadn't gone sailing, as he had planned to do.

In the evening, we decided to have a quiet time at home. 

Cairis was out with some of the people from her new place of work, so we curled up with the cats and our kindles :-)


Cairis decided to buy some new work clothes, and asked for my advice. As I was starting to feel human again, and the town is only ten minutes away, I accompanied her on her potter around the shops. She did very well as there were lots of sales on. While in town, we passed a person dressed up as a Star Wars storm trooper, and regretted not having a camera with us. Imagine our surprise when we went home, to find him policing up and down outside our house. It turn out that he was a friend of the neighbours next door and they were having a party, to which we were invited. It absolutely made Cairis's day to be able to take a photo of the man outside our house, and then to chat with him.

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  1. Glad to hear you are much better now, and have been able to get back to normality :-) That's great the weather has been nice over the Easter hols. Lovely colours of the mock orange bush, and the view of the sea is so calming! These past 2 weeks have gone by so quickly, I am looking forward to next week being a bit more relaxing, and hope it will be the same for you!