Sunday, 27 April 2014

Project 52 Week 17


Today was Easter Sunday. One of my favourite things about the holiday is the fact that everyone has Monday off , except me!, so they have time to come to dinner. One of my favourite people is gluten intolerant, and it is the easiest meal to prepare for her: Jersey lamb, jersey royals, spring cabbage and something chocolatey for pudding. I had to check the labels on the chocolate first, of course :) Luckily I found a gluten-free Easter egg as I hadn't realised that the Lindt Bunnies were okay, but not the ones containing hazelnuts :-(


Well, some of us had to go to work. Cairis and M had the luxury of another day off and decided to move my furniture around to accommodate the sofa bed. Normally it lives in our office, but it had been taken downstairs for Cairis to sleep on when we had visitors, as they had her double bed. They decided that it weighed too much to take back up so , as it was a sofa, it could stay in the sitting room. I came home to find that they had blocked off the fireplace-  okay at the moment as it has really warmed up-and I now have a room full of an eclectic mix of furniture!


Today the forecast was for a dry sunny day. Perfect weather for painting the newly repaired wall. It now shows up the part that hasn't been redone, and so will need a bit more work. I have also decided to repaint the door. The yellow is a bit dull. I haven't chosen the colour yet, but I need to go lighter than my favourite red, as the sun fades dark colours quickly in the summertime.


Everywhere I look today I can see signs of summer arriving. The island is beautiful in a range of greens and vibrant colours. These are the trees edging the college car park. They change colour in the autumn, but I love the freshness of them at this time of year. My trees are just starting to open their leaves. My garden seems to be delayed this year compared to everyone else, but my lavender is starting to turn blue, which is early. There was no #ELTchat tonight as everyone seems to be away doing other things.


 Tyson in Canada set up a webinar on his blog. The speaker was Chia Suan Chong, who is always interesting to listen to. Ebony has been a bit of a pain when I am working at the computer, so I put her bed next to me and she was quite obligingly curled up to sleep.She has really taken to the bed there, and I find that, as long as I am somewhere around, she is perfectly happy to stay in it. Look at her fluffy tail which hung out when she wriggled round in her sleep:-)


Today was the start of the Virtual Round Table sessions. This week  seems to be full of online activity. I joined in for a short while, but had to leave to get to the pub for some music. We were just tuning up when my students arrived in the bar. I hadn't realised that they had gone there for dinner. They stayed and listened for a while, and then left to go back to their Host families. The pub was very quiet after the diners left, but custom picked up later in the evening. We were a select few, as some of the musicians were away for the Easter break.


 Today was spent helping Cairis to organise her cupboard space. To be fair, we had just chucked everything in when we moved her stuff down. She was in China and we had no idea what she would want to keep or dispose of. It was a long session, but very worthwhile. I just need the courage to do it in some of the other cupboards in the house :-( I had time to pop out for a haircut, and met M to help him buy a new suit. He likes my advice, but I'm sure he could do it himself. We went down in the late afternoon to check on his boat. The start of the racing season is next week, and he needed to check if she needed pressure washing to get rid of the growth which might slow him down. She is the third boat along: blue, with a wooden mast. The other picture shows the extent of the two harbours- all the way back to the town.

I'm looking forward to week 18- May day is always a highlight.

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  1. Another busy week for you! Love the way you have decorated the dining table for Easter, it is always so nice when these little touches are added :-) Ebony's tail is very fluffy, and that is great she can sit next to you. I wish mine were so well-behaved as to be able to sit still near the computer, they seem to change their sleep area all the time!

    Have a lovely May Day, look forward to reading all about it next week.