Sunday, 25 May 2014

Project 52 Week 21

Last week we saw a bit of a heatwave. It didn't prepare us for the foul weather of this week.


I started to paint the deck while the cats were asleep indoors. Unfortunately, I ran out of paint before I could give it a second coat, and the weather has been against me all week, so we are not quite finished :-( All the rain has been good for the island as it is looking green and lush. The weeds are also growing apace, so I will try to get out if the rain stops.


As a vegetarian, I always have lots of interesting fruit and vegetables on the go. I was shopping with Cairis and she found something she recognised from her time in China, but which I had never tried- Dragonfruit. We bought a couple on her recommendation, and also a baby coconut from Thailand. I didn't actually get to try the dragonfruit, as madam took them with her to work.


I have had two lovely classes for the last couple of weeks. 
My laminator has been working overtime while I prepared game cards and dominoes etc for their use.
One day we were looking at determiners and distributives and I asked them to complete the story on the board.


Today was wet. It started wet, and was still raining when I left work. The road works at the bottom of the hill are still causing traffic chaos, although they say that it will be beautiful when all the prettification has been carried out. I got home to find that both little treasures were inside and got a couple of lovely poses from each of them.


Today the wind blew M's bicycle tent away and ripped it to shreds.

He decided that the safest place for the bike was inside, so I am now the proud owner of a new ornament in my hallway.

 I hope that he sorts it out soon as I am not terribly impressed with it there.


This week has felt more like April than May. We have had thundery downpours every day, interspersed with a little sunshine. Today was the same, but at least it was dry when I got home. I popped out to buy the rest of the deck paint, but decided to wait until the weekend, when the weather  is supposed to be warm and sunny again.
I decided to tidy out my laundry room, and that escalated into me doing a huge spring clean. It was quite cathartic.After a shower, I was ready to go out to meet the others in the pub for a session.


One word: gardening! I got out and weeded and decided what I wanted to fill the inevitable gaps. We sorted out the garden waste to take to the dump, and then popped in to the garden centre for plants. They had some flowering catmint, which I bought for the girls to roll around in. In the evening we went to Pizza Express for a quick bite to eat, and I went off to bed with a good book on my kindle, while the others watched something on TV about British comedy.

Next week there will be an update on Friday, as we are off on holiday on Saturday morning. The ferry leaves at 7.30 and we need to be there an hour before. We were planning to go to Switzerland, but couldn't get the flights we needed, and it was becoming very expensive for such a short break. We also need to pay to get our garden wall re-pointed before it falls down. We are going to South Brittany, which means we can drive there easily and stay much longer, for less than the price of the flights to Zurich!! Still, I'll try and get there later in the year.


  1. That's good you have been able to get loads of gardening done, as that is very satisfying.

    We have 3 big tyres in the back room, at the moment, waiting for K to take them to be fitters, so I know the feeling! We have even had the motorbike in this room, whenever I have been back in the UK!! It is not something I am too keen on....but I don't mind if I am not here to see it....

  2. LOL. I'm in good company, then. If we get the side wall fixed, we are talking about putting a roof on it- will then be the perfect place for a bike, methinks :-)

  3. A good idea, and it will be in a safe place, I am sure :-)

    Btw, Maisie looks very much like Samantha in the lovely picture in this post.. they could be sisters, lol!

    We only allow Victoria and Samantha in the house, so they are very priviledged indeed. They are slowly beginning to get on a bit better, slowly but surely. My dream would be to see them both curled up together one day, but this may be a long time coming, but I live in hope :-))

    1. There is no telling with cats. My two are sisters but you rarely see them in the same space at the same time :-)