Sunday, 18 May 2014

Project 52 Week 20

This has been a week where the weather started out dull and finished with a fantastic display of sunshine. The temperature has been reminiscent of summer, especially in my high-walled, protected back garden.


I spent most of today doing housework. In the afternoon I popped out to buy some fruit and found some King Strawberries. They were enormous, and I decided to dip them in chocolate for dessert. They went down a treat. Cairis picked one up for the photo to give a better idea of how large they actually were.


Yay. My favourite flowers were in the supermarket. I think it is early to find Jersey-grown peonies, but I love them and couldn't  resist treating myself. from now on, until the end of the season, I will have these in my house. The ones growing in the garden are always a bit hit-or-miss:-(
I have two classes of really lovely students in our 50+ group. It will be great to make material specially for them.


My friend gave me some numbers, which were going spare. 
They were a 5 and a 7, which is my house number. I put them on everything, just for fun. There will be no chance of anyone not finding the right house now :-)  


I arrived home to find that the new dishwasher had been delivered- and left in the middle of the kitchen! The fitters couldn't come on the same day as the delivery men, so it will be fitted in a day or two. For now, we will continue to wash everything by hand. Tonight is not a problem as M is sailing in a race, and Cairis is driving the guard boat. This means that they will both be fed  in the Yacht Club after the race, leaving me free to participate in the evening's #ELTchat.


I was disappointed when I opened the new cushions etc, to find that the parasol was a different colour and didn't quite match the cushions. I suppose that they will fade in the sun at some point, so I'm not too worried. My herbs are growing like weeds, so I am going to cut them back and take the cuttings in for my colleagues who don't have gardens. They are always appreciated.


Hot and sunny today. I like the fact that I finish early on a Friday. I cleared out my garden shed, and put it at the bottom of the steps to make it more accessible. I then decided to do a bit of weeding, and to clear the deck to restain it on Sunday when the others are sailing again. I will just need to convince the cats to stay in until it is dry. That is easier said than done as Ebony is my shadow when I am at home.


Today dawned hot and sunny again. We went off to buy the decking stain and I then had coffee with some friends. We sorted out everything to take to the dump and then had dinner in the garden for the first time this year. Later we wandered down to the pub to listen to the One-Day-Wonders. This is a side of excellent Morris Dancers and musicians, who only come together once a year from their respective sides. You can only be invited to join if someone else drops out and you are a superb dancer. They are 9 in number. Each man takes a turn at organising their event, and this year it was our friend Miles who organised it, so they all came to Jersey. In the evening we were invited to listen to their music session- but not to join in:-) There were quite a few who could play an instrument, or sing, and the evening was lively.

Sunday is expected to be even warmer. I have been out to buy some lobsters for a salad, and I'm now going to attack the deck. Hope next week stays warm.


  1. It's great that you have had time to spend in the garden. You have lots of lovely herbs growing - I have just started growing coriander, and it is very easy to grow, also lots of cress. It's exciting to see things grow at this time of the year. I love the idea of a movable shed, and yours looks really nice and neat... I think I will have to see if I can find a similar one, and yours is such a nice colour :-) Glad the weather has been lovely for you in Jersey. Let's hope it lasts into week 21!

  2. I have coriander in the freezer. I don't give it room to grow because I think it tastes like soap:-)
    The others like it though, so I keep some frozen stuff for their dishes.