Sunday, 21 September 2014

Project 52 Week 38

The time is really passing fast now.It doesn't seem that we have many weeks until the end of the year. The weather is still beautiful here, although it is turning autumnal- long may it continue !!

Sunday 14th

We decided to celebrate Cass's birthday when we all had time to sit down together. I know that she loves raspberries so I tried to make her a raspberry dessert in a jelly mould. I had my fingers crossed as I served it up that it wouldn't collapse- and it seemed to work. It tasted better than it looks- and there was enough for dessert for Monday too.


Well, Monday found me with a very demanding student, who was completely on my wavelength. She decided that she didn't want any other teachers for the week, so we were able to set our own agenda and timetable. When I got home at lunchtime I found that my house was falling down around my ears. The filter on the washing machine was blocked- so it wouldn't empty. I switched the lights on in the dining room- and they blew. And Cairis dropped my big steam iron, which ended up completely foutu. All this at a time when we are still waiting for our plumber to definitively sort our leak!!! I fixed the filter myself, sent M to buy new bulbs and a new switch, and popped over to the Co-op to buy a new iron.


I have been waiting for today for ages. The window people came to change the window in my laundry. In fact we like it so much that we are now discussing doing the same in the bedroom.
 The sashes aren't really strong enough for such heavy windows and we keep replacing them on a regular basis. I saw the other ones, which open outwards, in France and though they would be much better. So far so good.


Today my student and I decided to visit the German War Tunnels. This was a very interesting experience for her and we had a lot to discuss. We then had a walk along the coast to look at some of the old fortifications.


Today the ELTchat moderators had a Skype chat about some interesting developments to be announced soon. It was fun  to actually have all of us together and to be able to see and hear each other. We used the time well - and even encouraged Marisa to put in a proposal for IATEFL, although she only had a few hours to submit it. It was a good distraction from the Scottish Referendum. It is hard to have no say in the changes, but I don't live there any more, so can just worry from afar.


My lovely student booked to come back in a few months. She also surprised me with a beautiful garden trug, full of lovely fruit. Many of our longer term students were also leaving, so next week will see a lot of fresh faces.


A lazy day today. I met up with my friend to find out how she was enjoying her new job. She gave me a little cat necklace which she found- to add to my collection. When I was on holiday I found an Italian leather organiser bag, which is very soft. It is great for work, but a bit big for the weekend, so I transferred things into a smaller one. When I got home, I found Maisie comfortably ensconced on the leather one. I'm not quite sure how it ended up on the coffee table, but she was very happy to sit on it and took a bit of convincing to get off it.

Lets hope next week is a bit more relaxing on the home front!

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  1. Sounds like an eventful week on the home front. Hope all will be fixed soon. What a fabulous gift from your student! It is always so nice when students show their appreciation and this gift is very thoughtful and you will be able to use the trug after in the garden, so very practical. Have a great week 39!!