Sunday, 14 September 2014

Project 52 Week 37

Although it was hot while we were away, I heard that it was lovely here too. And so was the weather this week- perfect, and expected to carry on into the next week.
After a couple of days back, I felt like I had not been away:-)


I left M to sort out an appointment with the plumber, and went off to work.I had my old students back, and it was nice to be aware of their progress after being away from them.  Sometimes we are too close to notice the difference. The warm weather had created a problem with wasps, so I was interested to see the traps on the trees in the courtyard. They are filled with sugar water and, once inside, the wasps drown.


At the start of the year we had to cut back a tree which was threatening our cabin. I was amazed to notice that it had grown a huge leafy mass- but even stranger, it had started to grow out from its roots. I was a bit tired today as the plumber hadn't actually fixed the problem and we were woken in the night by the leak dripping into the trug we had placed underneath.



 I was looking forward to today, as #ELTchat was due to start up again. Hada and I moderated, and didn't disgrace ourselves. I was just settling down to sleep when the ceiling gave way under the water leak!!! It seems that there is something wrong with the header tank, and of course, when the plumber comes in the daytime , everyone has used water for a shower so there is no problem. Our own plumber is off sick, so we will need to wait until he comes back next week to get it sorted properly. Now we have to shut the water off each night to get some sleep.


Today was the old Battle of Britain Air Display, which was renamed The International Air Display. I started teaching early, as you can't hear yourself think when the planes pass overhead. Then I wandered down to the harbour with my students to watch the display. My favourites are the Red Arrows and they always finish the programme in style. There were many people watching all round the bay.


Today is the start of the Jersey Regatta, sponsored by UBS this year.  Today Cairis is crewing for her dad, and the rest of the weekend she is driving the rescue rib and doing duty on the finish line boat. I expect that my weekend will be very relaxing. I'll be able to catch up on some housework and prepare for my CertTESOL course which is coming up soon. I'll be really happy when the roadworks at St Aubin are finished- they seem to have lasted all year.


Today is Cairis's 25th birthday. I didn't actually see her this morning as she was off to her boat at the crack of dawn, but I picked her some flowers from her rose in the garden and left her a card. We are planning to do something tomorrow when Miles comes to dinner. In the evening I was playing for a fund-raiser for the Leprosy Mission. The ceilidh was in St Martin, which has beautiful buckets of flowers outside the hall. While waiting for the others, I took a photo of the amazing sky.


Having got rid of everyone early again, I prepared a special dessert for dinner and then did some laundry. Our new window is coming on Tuesday, so I don't want a mess in the room where they will be working. There is a sense of achievement when it is all washed, ironed and put away, anyway :-)
I then popped out for my Sunday flowers and parked the car back in the co-op space, where I saw that there had been a proliferation of signs???


  1. Hope you have got the leak fixed, it's always annoying when these things happen! What a beautiful rose bush you have! I hope Caris enjoyed her birthday celebration.. Enjoy Week 38!

  2. Thanks. The roses are enormous. It was a gift for Cairis when she was a baby, and has bloomed ever since.

  3. Now that's a serious plumbing emergency! A leaky tank is the last thing you'd want to deal with before going to sleep. I just hope it doesn't turn into a bigger problem since you guys had to wait. So, did your plumber get it fixed? Take care!

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing & Well Service

  4. You had an amazing week, amidst the troubles you faced with all those leaks. It’s pretty annoying to be disturbed by a water-damaged ceiling. I do hope that you’re not bothered by the same situation anymore. Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to reading updates about that, and how your plumber solved the problem. Have a great day!

    Diana Miller @ Plumber Perth