Monday, 29 September 2014

Project 52 Week 39

A continuation of the lovely weather is such a bonus at this time of the year. My classes are interesting - and I only have a couple of weeks before my Cert course starts.


Recycling today. I think if I can get everything finished before next week I will have time to relax. My family are quite good at cleaning, but they never tidy anything away! We always seem to collect enough to recycle every couple of weeks. It would be great to have a doorstep collection, but our Parish hasn't got that bit organised yet. They do have their own Parish dump though, so that's where we'll head off to next....


When I came home from work I saw that my neighbours had put a For Sale notice outside their house. Liam next door died this year, and now Joao and Susanna are moving- lots of change in our small neck of the woods. They live in the bottom flat- and they are hoping to sell for a huge sum of money. It makes me wonder how much ours would be worth if we put it on the market :-)


Tonight's sunset was amazing. The colours of pink, orange and yellow made the sky look fantastic. I suppose we can look forward to a good day tomorrow. I noticed the colours as I came downstairs and rushed out to take a photo. My family are getting used to me doing such things- but my neighbours think I am mad.


Malcolm needed the car today, so he gave me a lift to work. We stopped en route to take a picture of the sparky sea.


My whole life seems to be centred around St Aubin this week. I go to work there, and also the Branchage Film festival is based there this year. There are some excellent films, with live musical accompaniment. Stefan, who works with me, plays in a band, and they are doing the soundtrack to a History of Witchcraft through the ages, tomorrow and Saturday. I must try to get a ticket to go.
This the B for Branchage sign. I've seen them around for a few weeks- and didn't realise what they were.


Another beautiful morning on the way to work. It is really uplifting to drive round the coast in the morning. Every day is different.


We have been told to watch out for spiders. By all accounts, they are huge and plentiful this year. On leaving the house today, I saw an enormous yellow spider spinning the most intricate web. It is still there today.


The end of the film festival was heralded by an invitation to a sight and sound show in St Aubin. The plan was to use the fort as the backdrop for a light display and to use the Radiophonics (who invented the Dr Who theme in the 1960s) live, on the roof of the Royal Channel Yacht Club. We drove out  as a family, parked in the college car park, and walked down to join 5,000 other people. The show was superb. The colours were crisp and the definition was excellent. The music was perfect as a soundtrack. I loved the little bit of Dr Who in the middle. The lights showed the Tardis on top of the fort :-). Below is a little bit that a journalist filmed, just to give you an idea

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  1. What a great end to the weekend, viewing the fabulous sound and light show!! I do think spiders' webs are fascinating, and you have taken a really good photo of this yellow one. I am always amazed at the amount of bugs and other creatures they trap in their delicate webs!