Sunday, 5 October 2014

Project 52 Week 40

Oh my goodness! The year is fast moving on. I think it might have something to do with having my CertTESOL in October instead of September- it has got me all confused.


New students this week- more INRA scientists and a few who were return visitors. I like the fact that I finish at lunchtime on Mondays- at least until next week when I do a marathon session with the new trainees:-) The road is being resurfaced outside the college, so everyone had to go up the road instead of down. This meant that I passed the garden centre, where they have a really nice pet department. I found a solitaire game for cats; you put a sweet under the ball and they have to remove the ball to get at it. Ebony worked out how to play fast, but Maisie is still mystified.


My students wanted to visit the Organic Farm, so we popped up after classes were finished. The calves are so cute. The little Jerseys have such beautiful eyes, and long eyelashes. The farmer showed us around his cheese making concern and was great at answering their questions.




Ebony has taken to sitting and sleeping in the magazine basket beside my chair. I put a soft blanket in it to make it more comfortable, but then it was adopted by Maisie. I dug out the other soft blanket and tucked it around Maisie's bed to keep the peace.




I started to prepare the room for next week. I put up the phonemic chart, split the notice board into headed sections and put some plants on the windowsill to look friendly. I then went home and prepared the handbooks for the course.



Some of my students were going home after six weeks at the college. It is always sad to see them go, but they were ready to leave and test out their language on the real world. One of them gave me a lovely thank you card and some chocolates.


I met up with a friend for lunch. This time we met in the garden centre on the other side of the island. Again they have a pet department, but I managed not to buy Ebony any more toys. I did like the look of some mirrors which look like windows. Perhaps when my garden is looking beautiful again we might have a couple. John came to design our new garden- it looks great. We are going to spend the winter replenishing the nutrients in the soil, before planting in the springtime.


I nipped out to Marks and Spencer to pick up some bits for our evening meal. I invited my management student, and a friend in the same field, to dinner, so I wanted things to be easy to prepare . On the way back I stopped to take a photo of La Rocque, aptly named as you can see at low tide. We ended up with some delicious figs and parma ham, followed by chicken with sage in white wine and cream and spiced poached pears. The company was excellent and Loz offered my student a lift home, saving me from offering.

Hey-Ho! CertTESOL starts tomorrow. I will ebe super busy for the next few days. I might get a chance to breathe during the Unknown language lessons, which Helen will be teaching. I'm sure I'll have something that needs doing though. Onwards and Upwards...........


  1. Ebony looks so comfy in the basket, no wonder Maisie edged in! What a lovely card and thought - it's wonderful to be appreciated by your students :-)

    Hope the next course goes well - I am sure it will, as you are already super prepared. The new garden is going to look fantastic with all those plants in it soon.

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks Janet. Hope your week is fruitful. My trainees seem nice, still getting used to each other :-)