Sunday, 12 October 2014

Project 52 Week 41

Week 41- where does the time go? We are definitely in Autumn now- the leaves are turning, or falling, and the winds are beginning to be fierce- although it is still mild for the time of year, and you only need a coat for the odd drops of rain, rather than the cold.


The start of the new course- I was greeted by a group of subdued human beings who weren't quite sure what they had let themselves in for. They will all be fine once they have bonded.

It looks like some work is being done on the corner of our road, although I thought there were going to work during the school half-term.


A very busy day, today.
I managed to escape for an hour and had a coffee in the supermarket cafe up the hill.
My colleague was doing a lesson in Korean, which is the Unknown Language element for this week. I organized the group so that they could share transport. This meant me giving young Ella a lift home, as she lives near me.
As I parked the car the sunset was glorious, but it doesn't tell you how windy the next day is going to be!


Today was incredibly windy.  Our bins blew over in the front garden. Luckily they were empty- or perhaps they wouldn't have moved if they had had something in them.

Sunday's flowers have opened nicely and it was great to come home to a warm house. BBC had a documentary about cats, which was interesting. It gave an insight into their behaviour. I'm now analysing  the interaction between my two :-)


Today I had a late start. My trainees were observing my colleagues and then having their UL lesson, giving me the opportunity to go down to the yacht club for a bacon roll and a cup of coffee.
I sat where I could watch the States' tug as she went about her work, and then left for work. As I was planning to be there until late, it really was lovely to have the morning off, and it is the only day that I can make it work on the timetable.


High tide, high winds- the sea was horrible today. It was rushing over the sea wall and everyone had sandbags out to protect their properties.The sea was wild, with lots of white horses on the tops of the waves. The problem is that we have the same to contend with again in the evening. There is a Code Red out for the weather today.


The band was working at the Harvest Festival for St Mary's Church last night, so I invited one of my students to go along. I picked her up at her residence, and left her with some friends who were there to dance. She had a great time, and gave me some flowers at the end of the evening to say thank you.
While faffing around getting ready, I made a little video of my moggies having their ration of sweeties. These are special treats to help them with hairballs, as Ebony is long-haired. The cats are cute- and the BBC programme seemed to think it was unusual to train cats- so I wanted to show how mine can do it too.

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  1. Hi Sue

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful video of Maisie and Ebony eating their treats. I am amazed by how well-behaved they are!! They actually wait patiently in turn for you to hand them the treats. I think you have proved it is possible to train cats. Congratulations!! I'll have to see if I can do the same when I get back to Abruzzo.... :-)