Sunday, 16 November 2014

Project 52 Week 46

Well, it's getting close to the end now. I can't believe we only have a few weeks before 2015.

This week was very restful, as I caught up with sleep and did some work around the house.


I popped in next door to see whether the kittens were staying- and found that they were. They are two little girls- Nina and Nala and they look like their father who was a seal-point, with chocolate ears and tails. Two very cute little furrpets. They are a bit wild- running up the curtains, but just what Ann needs to help get her life moving again.

I was amused by the picture I have posted. The vase has transposed the colours of the cat blankets. Ebony normally has blue, and Maisie likes pink. I have ordered some new red cat beds for Christmas, so they will match the decor better :-)


M and I went shopping for a new sofa. We have been making do with one two-seater, a chair and a couple of bedroom Parker-knolls. Completely eclectic mix of furniture, which was driving me mad, but I didn't have time to do anything about it until now. We trawled every furniture shop on the island- and found what we wanted in the final shop. We went home and cleared a space for the new one which is being delivered on Friday.


Time to take the girls to the vet for their annual  visit. I caged Ebs with ease, but Maisie escaped. The plan was: I would go to the appointment with my girl, and when they caught Maisie, Cairis or M would come round behind me. It didn't happen. She scarpered into next door's garden and stayed away until lunchtime.

The tipped up cage is the only way we can get Maisie in- we use gravity to do the work:-)


We drove out to the hire shop to see if they had a floor sander- they did, so we decided to re-sand the dining room floor, which was looking the worse for wear. After moving all the furniture and hoovering up the dust, we decided to paint it white! It had always been a pale shade of limed wood, but it has two trapdoors in it, which looked odd. The first coat went on okay, but was matte- and I wanted it to have a bit of a sheen. We found some different stuff in the local paint shop, which dries diamond hard- and is satin finish. Only one problem- you can't put the furniture back for 72 hours- and the dining room is in the middle of the house!!!
In the evening I went to Autism Jersey's headquarters for our SPELL training CPD session ( see post below).


The sofa duly arrived, and had to stay in its box until we had room for it. I lit the fire as the temperature has suddenly dropped, and it felt cold and damp. We are still having fun getting around out house. To get to the kitchen we have to :go out the front door, down the side passage and in through the kitchen. It is such a pain that we have been going out for tenner-fests for dinner, and having coffees out.


We decided to take the sofa out of its box, so that the huge amount of cardboard could go for recycling with our other waste. It is a very nice red leather and goes well with the cream one we already had. We are still working round the dining room, but should be able to walk on it tomorrow- even if we can't put the furniture back yet- and the white floor has made all the other paintwork in the room look dingy:-)))


Today I popped out for a while to help my friend who is moving house. I had to get back in time for the Neuro course on iTDi. It is incredibly interesting, and I can't wait to get back into teaching to try out some of the ideas in practice. It was the weekend for BESIG's conference and TesolFrance, which I didn't manage, but I was happy with all the work I have accomplished during my week off- even if the others  will have to reschedule a visit to the vet for Maisie.


  1. Sounds like a very relaxing week off, Sue! Love your new red sofa, it's very comfy-looking. Hope Maisie gets to the vet's ok... cats always have a 6th sense for things that are going to happen, so hope she doesn't get away next time.
    Enjoy Week 47! Can't believe we're nearly approaching Xmas...

  2. just catching up. Sorry I didn't see your comment. Maisie went to the vet this week. She whinged all the way there and back again. Thank goodness Ebony is a good girl when I'm around :-)