Monday, 22 December 2014

Project 52. Week 51 the penultimate one:-)

We really are getting to the end of this project- I wonder what the next one will be.....

Monday 15th December

My first day of leisure, and I decided to do very little today. A couple of colleagues came for coffee, and we enjoyed the fact that the tree was up and the room was looking festive. Ebony was doing exactly what I wanted to do- chill! I am hoping that their new winter beds will arrive soon. At the moment they seem to prefer sleeping on our sofas- I think their doughnut beds are too draughty.


Quite interestingly, neither cat has shown much interest in this year's tree. Ebs did try to climb it while it was still netted, but then wasn't bothered. Maisie likes looking at the lights reflected in the bay window. Again, the sofas are popular. Today has been a day of postal arrivals. I did a fair bit of shopping online. My family all wanted things which are not easy to come by on the island. I also had to go down to the East to help Carl  do things with his Mac. By the time I have finished I will know my way around it as well as I do with my own Windows PC. It sometimes takes a little to work out though, so I can only help when I'm off work.


The cat beds arrived. I had to build the supports for them- which were very user friendly. After I put them in the corners, Maisie decided to investigate the one on the left- and promptly curled up in it. That left the other for the black monster- and she didn't make any fuss about it. She also curled up and went to sleep. They have been a great hit. I chose red tartan to go with my decor, but the catalogue which came in the box showed some other amazing beds. We also had the final #ELTchat of the year.


Today I decided to get out our nativity set. It is made of Maltese Crystal and I bought it years ago when I was training in the island in December. I also brought back some beautiful glass tree ornaments, which haven't seen the light of day since Ebony arrived as a small kitten. I thought perhaps this year I could try them on the tree.

Friday and Saturday

Every year the Joint Charities do a Christmas appeal for the less well-off amongst us. My friends and I go Carol singing round the pubs and restaurants, with a collection bucket. We started on the West of the island on Friday evening, and did the East on the Saturday. By the end of the evening I would have killed anyone who played Jingle Bells! When we counted up the money we had collected, there was almost £1,250.00. Not bad for a small group of singers and musicians. St Aubin looks lovely at night.


We were asked to play for the Zoo in the afternoon. Not more carols- although we did do a couple. We started at 2 and played until nearly 5pm. Cairis stayed home to make gingerbread. Her recipe seemed a bit odd- but..... she made gingerbread unicorns. Lol. They looked a bit strange but tasted like brandy snaps. Perhaps I'll make my recipe tomorrow.
 Apart from a few candles, I am now ready for next week. Everything is wrapped and stored. The venison is ordered and the menu is written.


  1. Hi Sue

    Looks like everything is ready for Christmas, and your house looks wonderfully festive :-) Love the 2 x cat beds, they look very nice and snug. I am sure Maisie and Ebony are going to love them :-))

    Can't believe this is the penultimate post of 2014, and then I wonder what other project (s) the New Year will bring?

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas!

  2. I'm not sure what the plan is for next year. A new project is a good idea though.