Monday, 15 December 2014

Project 52 Week 50

This was my last week at work for the year as our students were all returning home. I still have some private classes to finish, but they are only a couple of hours a week, so won't have much impact.

Monday 8th December

The students are getting demob happy. At least Monday is a short day, and they were going to the Zoo in the afternoon. I was happy when I got home from work to find a mug I had ordered online had arrived. I'm going to use it for work. I'm sure my colleagues will be amused too.


A wet and windy start to the day, which didn't get any better. I had a conference call after classes had finished, to discuss importing a Diploma course for some of my colleagues who want to move up the ladder. When I left work, it was so dark it was difficult to find my car.
In the evening my neighbour came round with a table decoration she had made for me. It was a lovely surprise.


We ordered enough coal and logs to do us over the winter. Ebony decided that the bag was a great hiding place. She is a terrible one for getting into places where she shouldn't be.

 I put out the new draught excluder I found. It matches my decor for Christmas, but I will recover it afterwards so that it can be used for longer.


The tree was delivered today. We normally leave it in the hall to acclimatise for a day or two, so that all the needles don't fall off. I got it from the local garden centre and they charge a couple of pounds to deliver, so it is the easiest way to do it. I am a bit disappointed: I only bought a 7' tree and normally I have a 9'. It should fit into the bay easily, but won't reach the top as it usually does.
Maisie has spent most of her time asleep on the back of the sofa. She likes the fleece.


As many of our students were on the morning ferry, I had small classes today. In the afternoon, I was the only teacher with any students- so I was the last man standing. We chose our course provider, and thanked the others for their time. It looks like we will be starting in January, so we have had to move the visit to the 'Stans'.  When I got home we stood the tree up in the holder and filled it with water. There was a tiny hole in the side of the netting, and Ebony, of course!, decided to climb in it.



Today started with a visit to the doctor. I knocked my knee, and couldn't flex my leg this morning. With some anti-inflamatories I should be fine quite soon. The doctor thinks it is Bursitis, which is also known as 'Housemaid's knee'.

I stayed home to decorate the house a bit more, leaving anything that needed a ladder until Cairis or M came home. I removed the netting from the tree, but this time Ebony showed no interest in climbing into it.


Well, today I decided to decorate the tree. Cairis had invited her father to see the final Hobbit film at the cinema, and I had the afternoon to myself. As I suspected, the tree looks a bit short, but you can see the star for a change. Normally it is so high that you can't see it from outside.

This year I didn't buy any new tree baubles, but I did enjoy my tour round the garden centres with my best friend. We do it every year, and make a day of it.

Two more weeks to go and I am now officially on holiday. M has taken a week off as he still had some holiday time owing. I shall be waiting to squirrel away anything which arrives by post, so that no-one sees what they might be getting from Father Christmas.


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