Monday, 12 January 2015

Project 2015 Reasons to count my blessings

Reason 2


Cairis and I have just spent the last couple of days repainting her bedroom in a multitude of bright colours. It was fun to work with her, and companionable.

This has not always been the case, as she is much more like her father than me.
Her main problem, for me, is that she is quite negative in her outlook. She always finds metaphorical roadblocks to derail my positivity. I know that these kind of people are valuable in teams, but....!!!!
Before she was born, we agreed that I could name a girl child, and M would decide on the name if the baby was a boy. Fortunately for me, Cairistiona was a girl, as M had chosen some names which could have proved difficult in an English situation.
She is named for her paternal grandmother, Christina, but in the Gaelic of her maternal great- grandmother. Her middle name is Eleanor, which was my grandmother's name. Normally her friends call her Cairis, or Cass, and the family in Scotland call her Kirsty.
As she has been growing up it has been interesting to watch her development. She has never had a clear goal for her future, and has tried her hand at a few things. She shows an aptitude for data and language and seems to have found her niche, cataloguing the collections  for the local museum..
She is now a young lady with the world at her fingertips and I wish her the best in whatever she chooses to do with her life.

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  1. What a fabulous description of your daughter, it's very honst and endearing. Cairis sounds like a very well-balanced and delightful young woman! You can be justifiably proud of her :-)