Sunday, 4 January 2015

Project 2015, Reasons to count my blessings.

Reason One

My Husband.

Every day I thank God for my husband.
We met about 30 years ago, when we were both invited to a party. It was evidently not the time for us to be aware of each other, but we met again a couple of years later, and clicked.
Last year was my silver wedding anniversary and they have been 25 excellent years.  He is my exact opposite. A numbers man- where I am a words woman. A sailor in his free time- me, strictly dry land.
A dancer, me, a musician, but we complement each other.
My neighbour recently lost her husband of many years and friends and colleagues have had similar situations in the last couple of years.  I am just so glad he is still here.
He has decided to work part time from now until his retirement in 3 years. Many people complain that having their husband underfoot is stressful, but I find it quite the contrary. He is great at giving me a lift to work, leaving him the car for the day. I come home to fnd the housework done😀, although he hasn't any skill in the kitchen so I still do the cooking.
Yes, he really is my first reason to feel blessed.


  1. An inspirational first post for this project, and enjoyed reading all about your hubby! You are indeed blessed to have such a lovely person by your side. I think opposites do attract and it's the same for me too, with mine :-)

    I think this theme is such a brilliant idea for a blog, and am looking forward to counting all the next 51 blessings.

  2. Brilliantly written blog. You have shared great post dear. Well I am going to celebrate my wedding vows at a wonderful vow renewal location!! I hope everything will go well as I haven’t hired a planner and did everything myself.