Saturday, 3 January 2015

Project 52 The finale

Well, all good things come to an end- and so it is with this photo journey through 2014.
The last few days have been filled with last minute cleaning and cooking, ready for the start of the next year.


I started by tidying out the office. As the DIY store was open , unusually on a Sunday, I decided to buy one of these funky storage boxes for my paperwork. I was drowning in mountains of stuff, some of which only needed filing, or scanning in to the computer.  It took most of the day- but was worth it. When I was left with the filing, I was assisted by my black shadow, who thought it would be a good game to sit on the files and attack my hands.


Still finishing off the office, and then doing the laundry. The Scottish tradition is not to have any washing to do on 1st January, so I always try to have all the housework finished before then. Our friends have suddenly decided to go out for dinner on Hogmanay, but finding somewhere big enough for all of us is proving to be a headache. I spent quite a lot of time on the phone- no joy, unless we want to spent silly amounts of money. The plan is now to do our own thing. I would have offered to cook at home, but I still feel a bit under the weather. Ebony is enjoying the tree, but I am getting ready to take all the clutter down as soon as New Year is over.


Big and Small Ipads
Mini Ipad and kindle
All the housework is done, so I had some time to set up my new mini ipad. Cairis bought me a whole set of covers in red and white polka dot design. I now have a purse, and a cover for each of my ipads and kindle that match. The new tablet is much more comfortable for travelling with. The big one is quite heavy and bulky.

New years Eve/ Hogmanay

Today I prepared the food for tomorrow's dinner in advance. We always have smoked salmon starters, steak pie and trifle. This is a long standing tradition which goes back to my childhood. I made a huge pot of lentil soup, which I ate in the new soup-and-bread dish I was given by a friend. Cairis and Malcolm were both out, but my lurgy made staying in an easy option. It was actually a good idea because Maisie was spooked by the fireworks at midnight.
I set the table, which looks completely different from the Christmas one. That one is all red and white, while the New year is all tartan and gold. It is nice to be able to ring the changes.

The end. It has been fun doing this photo blog for the year 2014. It will be interesting to look back in the future. Thank you, Janet, for accompanying me on this journey of discovery.


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  1. It's been a fantastic project for 2014 and will definitely be good to look back on it in the future! Thanks for sharing this memorable experience with me :-) All the best!!