Sunday, 15 February 2015

2015 Reasons to Count my Blessings



I have always been a gadget fiend. I love little things to make life simpler and tasks quicker. I don't even mind if they are little pieces of plastic, some of which I keep at school for a lesson on innovation.
But my favourite thing of all is my tech. I now have a mini ipad as well as a big one, a kindle and a desktop. Last week I needed to use all of it at work: I was videoing lessons and photographing the board work of my colleagues who are starting their DipTesol.
I spent the weekend transferring it all to my big machine, and backing it up for safekeeping. I also bought myself a new, red, mouse and a new external hard drive. Nice!!
Apart from the fact that the tech allows me to keep in touch with the world, I just love the fact that everything is getting smaller. Today there are apps to do almost everything.
My friend got me a sports monitor last week. It measures/ counts your steps, etc and recognises the pattern of your sleep- which is quite cool.
Now I'm off to read one of the books which I have just downloaded to my kindle. Everything around me is charging........LOL.

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  1. It is a changing world indeed with gadgets getting more and more indispensable in our lives. Love the idea of a red mouse!! Also, the sports monitor sounds really useful, and I think I could certainly do with one to keep me on track with my fitness levels, lol!