Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 Reasons to Count my Blessings



I always wanted a dog. Cats were not even on my wavelength.
It all started when Cairis asked for a cat for her 5th birthday. I headed her off by saying that she was too young to have the responsibility. She kept asking, birthday and Christmas, until her 9th birthday when her father agreed that she could have one.
We started with a rescue cat, who quickly worked out that I was the food provider, and we became joined at the hip. When she was put to sleep after suffering from cancer, I swore that I wasn't having another one.
My neighbour's cat had kittens on Cairis's 18th birthday. She took this to be a sign that it was time for another cat. Somehow, she and her dad ganged up on me, and we went to visit the kittens. I fell in love with the runt of the litter, my Ebony, who looked like her coat was too big for her and was the scruffiest kitten you have ever seen. Cairis liked the first born, a pretty tabby, who became  our Maisie. Having said I didn't want another cat, I became parent of two!
When I come home from work they both run to meet me. They snuggle up by the fire in the winter evenings, and Ebony curls up wherever I am working, or sleeping.

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  1. Lovely to read the stories behind meeting Ebony and Maisie. They are both lovely kitties :-)
    I can't imagine my life without cats now, and they are such fascinating creatures, they keep us constantly amused! They are also very strong-minded and sometimes it is difficult to really know what they are thinking! Do you know 'Simon's Cat' series? So realistic and true to life such as this one: