Sunday, 16 August 2015

Reasons to count my blessings Number 33

Reason 33

My fit bit

What fun I had this last couple of weeks. My student from Ukraine, Alla, brought her fit bit (a bracelet which counts steps, distances, sleep patterns, exercise and heart rate) with her. I was wearing the one that M bought for my birthday a few weeks ago. We decided to synchronise them and go into competition with each other. This meant that I did more walking than usual, as I didn't want to be woefully trounced every day. It was good for me, and fun to check each day who was the most active.
Alla brought me a beautiful box for my collection too. It was hand crafted in a village next to where she lives.
Im sorry that she was only here for a short visit, but we have decided to stay in touch online. We have been facebook friends since her last visit a couple of years ago. Next time we will use Skype too.

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  1. How nice to keep in touch with former students! The fit bit sounds really cool, and I will have to look into how it all works :-)