Monday, 24 August 2015

Reasons to count my blessings Number 34

Reason 34

John the Gardener

I really enjoy sitting out in my garden. I love the flowers, the scents, the colours and the bees. I am happy to grow a large, and healthy variety of culinary herbs and tomatoes etc. However I am a terrible gardener- I plant everything in the wrong place, and then forget to water or feed them.
The gardener at the college came round at the end of last year and shook his head in dismay. He told me my garden was a mess!

I challenged him to come and sort it out, so he did. He removed all of the plants, revitalised the soil and added topsoil. With plans he had drawn up, he replaced some of the plants, added new ones, built in a watering system - and wow!!

This year the garden has looked fantastic- and John has been keeping an eye on it too. He just pops in from time to time to add bits, or prune, or whatever. I am really lucky.


  1. Wow, you certainly are lucky to have your gardener come round to keep an eye on your garden. I'd love to have the same as you!! The plants and pots in the pictures look lovely :-)

  2. Hi Sue, it's me again :-) Just want to say that I really miss your weekly Project 52 postings! Hopefully there'll be a catch-up post when you can do one. Anyway, it's lovely to connect with you on the EVO Mods training session!