Sunday, 20 May 2012

Project #366 Week 20

Another week where the weather was a bit mixed. Two of my students are getting married, and the have to do their vows in Polish and English at St Thomas's. As Agnieska doesn't speak much English, she was panicking, and I have been coaching them. It's been fun.
Sunday 13th May 2012
This is El Tico, a cafe/restaurant on the West Coast, in St Ouen. The weather was not perfect, but it was nice to stop for a coffee, after a walk along the beach.

Monday 14th May
This was Monday morning on my way to work. The tide was high and the wind was strong. You can see the 'white horses' on the surface. The building on the right is St Aubin's Fort. In fact it wasn't a wet day, and the sky was blue, so the students went for a short cruise round the coast- I wouldn't have gone if you had paid me!!
Tuesday 15th May

I was reminded of Janet's idea when I took these pictures. I thought they would work for the proverb 'Every cloud has a silver lining :-) It was wonderful to see the silver edge of the cloud as the rain passed over us - and moved away!

Wednesday 16th May
Another High tide on the way to work. This was on a grey day, and shows all the colours possible in the sea. It started off sludge grey,on the Western side, but was a beautiful aqua-marine on the other side of the bay.

Thursday 17th May
Slawek, one of my students, is a picture restorer and  took away a couple of old, damaged pictures that my husband had had since he was a boy. He brought them back today, fully restored, and we hung them in the hall, just inside the front door, to see whether my husband would notice them when he returned from work- and he did!. He was really delighted to see them again.

Friday 18th May
Today we had no food in the house so I decided to go to the supermarket. I spent £200.00 pounds- which is a fortune, but we had run out of  everything you can imagine- cleaning materials, toilet paper, cat food... . My least favourite job is unpacking it all and finding a space in the kitchen for

Saturday 19th May

This is not MY hat!
Today started with a visit to the dentist- who has moved to a very swish new surgery down on the waterfront. It took a while to find him, as the roads do not yet have named on them:-) My husband used the time to book his trip to the UK to bring back our daughter's stuff from university. On returning to the house, he had to prepare for a morris dancing display at the Jersey Food Fair. He realised that he had brought back some else's hat from the previous weekend shindig. I then did some work in the garden, until it was time to go to the hairdressers.
Cat checking out new hairstyle!


  1. Hi Sue,

    Another great report of your week. I just LOVE clouds and I often take pictures of them too.
    On Saturday we too took some old pictures to a shop to have them framed as well. I hope they will look as nice as yours when they are ready...
    The not your hat looks so colourful but my favourite picture of the week is the last one. You look great with that new hairstyle.
    I will admire that "live" in Paris!! Soon now...

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


    1. Looking forward to meeting you Live, Mieke. My cat seemed to like it too:-) The clouds were great. I just loved the silver peeping over the edge.

  2. But why did they move??? :( Did not want.

    Also when is Dad coming over? The last week's going to be really weird then if I'm here without anything.

    1. What, the dentist? because they have lots of hygiene rules and now they have a really modern facility, with great parking, on the waterfront. It will be a pain going there when we are used to just walking down the road, though, I agree. My hairdresser has also moved into town. She's down near the hospital now:-)
      Dad is coming on the bank holiday weekend. He should be with you on 2nd June. He wants to see the boats on the Thames which are also on that day. He couldn't really take the following weekend off. You could come with him, or stay for another week with one suitcase worth of stuff, and fly home later in the week.

  3. Hi Sue

    Thanks for sharing your week. Love all your images of the clouds, and I agree, they make super pics for idioms / proverbs lessons!! Also, your new hairstyle is very nice! In fact, I wasn't sure it was actually you, as the colour is different, too. You look completely different and it really suits you.

    Been in the garden all weekend, weeding and general stuff. Also looking after 16 furry / feathery creatures also takes up a fair bit of time... Hope you've had a great weekend!



  4. Thanks Janet. I hope that you get some time to yourself, what with all those furrkids! The weather has been abysmal, so I'm hoping for an improvement soon