Sunday, 27 May 2012

Project #366 Week 21

What a strange week weather-wise. We started on Sunday with very wet weather, which was a pity for the Jersey Food Fair down on the waterfront.By the end of the week we were basking in Mediterranean temperatures.

Sunday 20th May 2012

The weather didn't really affect me, as I spent most of the day indoors preparing my very first Prezi. One of the Diploma advisors , working with some of my colleagues, was due to visit and each of us had to do a 15-20 minute presentation on a teaching point. Mine was on ESP. I walked down to the church at the end of the road with my students who are getting married. Unfortunately, there was a service on, and the doors were closed. On returning home I packed up the equipment for the open fire. It is now officially 

summer in my book!
Monday 21st May 
Looking a bit more like good weather is on its way. Spent the morning teaching, and worrying about the prezi for the afternoon. I went out into the car park to collect my laptop and saw this Euphorbia. It always makes me think of a triffid!
Fortunately the presentations all went very well. It was interesting that each teacher had chosen a method of presenting which suited their character. I was impressed by the ease of delivering mine and will certainly use the software again:-) On the way home, I spotted some walls which are really pretty at this time of the year. I love all the plants which grow out of the pink granite.

Tuesday 22nd
Very effective snail pub
Today was a much better day. In the morning I collected the bucket which I had filled with beer, and put out to attract snails. I am fed up of them eating my plants as they  start to flower. I was amazed at how many snails I had caught - That beer must have been really potent! It was great to get rid of some, as more herbs are up in the garden, and I use them for cooking, not for feeding snails.
Curly parsley
French lavender
Flowering chives

Wednesday 23rd

 Nice weather today. I went to my evening meeting, and walked back instead of taking the car. As I passed the Masonic Temple a little further down the street, it struck me that I had never really looked at it properly before. It is quite an imposing building, standing as it does in the middle of a residential area. Opposite it is the garage my daughter likes. They have a strange turning circle which is manually operated and allows you to drive in to their very narrow forecourt from the street.
Thursday 24th 

We've been living on salads and seafood this week. Crabs and lobsters abound, and
 it has been great to eat outside on the patio outside the kitchen door, perfect for dinner for two. As it got a bit grubby over the winter, I decided to use my new power washer to clean the patio. To my horror, I discovered that there was a rotten piece of wood which gave way under the onslaught of the water. If fact, there is a silver lining, as I wanted to have the little deck remodelled, and couldn't justify the expense!


Friday 25th 
As I was listening to the radio on the way home from work, I heard a lady talking about her garden which was going to be opened to the public at the weekend. She mentioned peonies, which are my favourite flowers at this time of year. I stopped off at the nearest farm shop to see if the Jersey peonies were on sale- and to my delight they were. I bought a mix bunch, which were already starting to open by the time I got home. Today the forecast topped 28 degrees!!.

Saturday 26th

A bit too warm and humid to do much today. We decided to wait until it cooled down in the afternoon, and started to paint the decking at the bottom of the garden. I am right-handed and my husband is left-handed, so we each do a side, and meet in the middle. It's very fast, and companionable too. In the evening, there was a high risk of a thunderstorm to clear the air. We sat inside and watched TV for a while- finally turning over for the fiasco that is the voting of the Eurovision Song Contest. As the voting is always political, it is fun to guess which countries will be voting for their neighbours and political allies:-)


  1. I watched Eurovision too. Even though I'm not good with Geography, I predicted over half of them. I was really impressed Serbia did so well, I love that song. :)

    I don't think I've really looked at that temple either.

    1. Yes. dad and I had fun predicting the voting. I'll see you soon, now. Have fun for your last few days/weeks.