Sunday, 19 August 2012

Project #366 Week 33

It was one of those funny weeks again- we had fantastic weather at the beginning and end of the week, but it was a bit so-so in the middle. Not much happening outside- I've got lots of preparation to do for the upcoming course and I'm still interviewing for the October one:-)
Sunday 12th August 2012
 A busy day today. I spent the morning clearing out the recycling and decorating the utility room wall with some stickers I found. They cost the grand total of £0.99p, but really brighten the space up. The room is long and thin- it was the original kitchen of the Victorian house, but we use it for messy things such as cats, recycling and washing! In the afternoon I managed to knock my iron over and break it:-(

Monday 13th August
We were supposed to be doing a tech session as part of our CPD, but we were given some bad news about the health of one of my colleagues, so no-one was in the mood, and we all went home. I bought a new iron on the way back from parking the car on the top floor of the supermarket. It cost an arm and a leg! On returning home, I saw that the builders had decided to advertise their presence by fixing their sign to our gate.

Tuesday 14th August
Today was a bit grey- so I did some ironing- to test the new appliance, and to minimise the mountain of ironing in the laundry. The builders had taken the door off and were doing what they could to tidy up. The painters were now in evidence and they were doing what they could  at ground level, as the scaffolding is not due for a few days yet.

Wednesday 15th
On the way home  I smiled to see these beautiful sunflowers. They were so tall that you can see they almost reach the windows on the second floor of the house. They are so cheerful that you can't help but smile. I have never tried to grow sunflowers, although they do look easy to grow.

Thursday 16th 
Today I did some work in the garden. It has been a little neglected of late, and we needed to empty the side passage for the scaffolding to go up. It has been a very dry year and we are not supposed to use our hose- pipes at the moment. I decided to plant lots of sun-loving plants so that it wouldn't matter if it was hot. Good call! All the plants are growing like weeds.

Friday 17th

The end of the week, at last! It has been a long week, with everyone at work subdued, and not much else going on. Today the scaffolding arrived. It was up by the time I got home. We look like a matching pair with Tom's house on the other side of the road. His roof is finished, so it won't be long now.

Saturday 18th
6 years ago a young 19-year-old died from a rare type of bone cancer and his father has raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust ever since. Today would have been the young man's birthday and his father organised a series of sponsored walks for the weekend. Earlier in the year he had approached us to see whether we would play for them at the end of the walks on both days, and we said we would if we had enough musicians available. We sent an email out to the gang who jam with us on a Friday in the pub, and were able to cobble together a band of 10 of us who were free to play. As the father is Dutch, everyone was given an orange t-shirt to wear. We didn't get ours until the end of our Saturday stint -so we have them for the Sunday instead:-) The sun was shining and we were there to create the ambience at the finishing post, along with some food stalls and cancer charity stalls. It was fun, and I hope they raised lots of money.


  1. Hi Sue

    Another week full of lovely images and snippets from your daily life, which is always fascinating to read. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I am up late trying to do 21 days of project 366 images all in one go, but will have to admit defeat and carry on tomorrow...

    Well done you on not missing a single day! It certainly is a tricky thing to find a new image every day, but I am so glad to be a part of this project :-))

  2. It's fun,isn't it? I was just saying to my youngster that it will be good to look back at the beginning of the year, or compare it with the following year. The house will probably supply a few more pics as it is changing on a daily basis:-)

  3. Thanks for sharing another week with us, Sue!
    I always love the mixture of job, family, seasonal and personal stories and pictures...
    It's hard to choose a favourite picture but this week it has to be the one of you playing the guitar!...

    I love your house by the way, even with the scaffolding it looks good! :-)


    1. Hi Mieke
      My house is starting to look better. I'll be happy when the builders/decorators have all finished. Then we'll be starting on the inside! We are planning to move Cairis out of her big bedroom and convert it into an office for M and I to share :-)
      There are very few pictures of me playing, as I usually take the photos!
      Well. onwards and upwards as they say- see you again next week:-)