Saturday, 25 August 2012

Project #366 Week 34

The week started in bright sunshine and finished in driving rain. We had a huge thunderstorm, directly overhead at one point. Maybe the summer is coming to an end!

Sunday 19th August 2012
 Today we did our bit for the Walk for Marc, by playing music at the end for them. On returning home I found Maisie asleep in the garden and disturbed her when I took the photo, poor cat! Miles came to dinner as usual and the we relaxed in front of the tv.

Monday 20th August

This is my short day at work and normally I like to go home and have a coffee before doing anything else. Today I arrived home to find that Cairis had invited her friends round. They are a really nice wholesome group, who enjoy playing board games around the dining-room table. They do drink me out of tea, but that's a small price to pay:-) Half a dozen six-foot-tall young men stood up to say hello. I decided to make myself scarce and went down to the garden centre, where I had my coffee in peace and did a little shopping.

Tuesday 21st August

Today Cairis mentioned that it was her friend's birthday, and the gang wanted to organise a party for him. She asked if we would mind eating out, as we live on the outskirts of town, making our house the most central location for their evening.

I picked M up from his office and we went down to the Yacht club for a drink, then dinner in a local pub, and back to the yacht club for a nightcap. We did our best to stay out and let the kids have their fun. Eventually we sneaked in and up the stairs to our bedroom, where we watched something on the ipad and went to bed.

Wednesday 22nd August
Towards town
Away from town
The painters had been busy. When I got home the house had had a first coat of the yellow paint. At first I thought it was a bit sharp, but I'm getting used to it now. It's hard to know what it will look like until it is finished, really.

Thursday 23rd

A very busy day at work. This is almost the end of the week, and I had certificates to write for the students who are leaving, and a couple of interviews to finish for the October course. I was pleased to be inside as the rain was rather unpleasant. I feel sorry for the people running the Hobie Cat championships, as the weather is not conducive to having a great time. The sea was wild, with white horses and water breaking over the wall of the hermitage at the back of Elizabeth Castle.

Friday 24th
Urban seagull
Yippee, the end of the week. I now have a week to prepare for my September course and then it will be all seasons go! I just got home before a monstrous thunderstorm! It was right overhead, which is slightly uncomfortable when the house is surrounded by metal scaffolding poles! Both cats were inside, cowering under the table, and even Cairis looked happy to see me home:-).
In the evening we braved the weather to go out to the pub to play music. Carl was in hospital, having his hip repaired, so we were a small, but select, group and it gave us a chance to try out some new tunes. Cairis mentioned that she would quite like a tablet, or something, for her birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks.
Saturday 25th
We started the morning by popping up to the tech centre to look at the tablets available on the market. Cas doesn't want an ipad as she hates everything Apple! We went to see what else was out there- and I think she is leaning towards the Google nexus!

In the afternoon I had to go to La Mare Vineyards to set up for a wedding ceilidh in the evening.The weather is still wild, and we are hoping that our fiddle player will make it back on the ferry from France in time. If she does, she will probably look very green! The vineyard is a lovely setting, although it is nicer when the sun shines.


  1. Hi Sue!

    I love these weekly instalments of yours : )))

    What beautiful pictures - it must be great living near the sea, I have always wanted that.

    And what a beautiful wedding venue!


  2. I've just got home- the wedding was lovely, and the music and dancing was great fun too. The sea is always interesting- the tides and weather change on a daily basis. Even the same stretch of coast can look different each time you photograph it.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Beautiful pictures again! I love the urban seagull and your bright red guitar cover :-)
    I think the house looks great already! I really love that soft yellow.
    I agree with Vicky about the wedding venue! Looks absolutely lovely.

    Have a nice week!


    1. Thanks Mieke.
      I like to be able to find my case, at the end of the evening in the pub, and they are usually in a black heap in the corner- so pink seemed like a good idea :-)
      The house is coming on. We are hoping to get rid of the scaffolding in the next couple of days :-)