Sunday, 27 July 2014

Project 52 week 30

Well, summer is well and truly here. It has been another scorching hot week, with just enough wind for M to take his boat out, where it was a degree or so cooler.


 Today was recycling day. As we only had small things to recycle- even if the buckets were full- we decided to go to the Parish recycling station instead of the big one at Bellozane. On our return, we picked up some fish from the van at the harbour for dinner. I then spent a large part of the day at the computer: Blog post, MOOC, iTDi Business course etc. In the evening Miles joined us for dinner and then I was quite ready for bed.


At breakfast time I watched M trying this puzzle. My friends gave it to him for Christmas and it has been sitting in a corner for months. He decided that the wine in the puzzle was a good one, and that Cairis could redo it with an inferior bottle! The instructions came with the thing- but my husband was too determined to work it out for himself. It took ages :-) Cairis then took very little time to redo it= OH the joys of having young eyesight.


                                          The cats have been struggling with the heat. 
Maisie has taken to sitting out in the early morning, and then hiding under a chair for the rest of the day. My student decided to bunk off as it was too hot for school. I ended up writing reports for the inspection. Ebs, strangely, doesn't seem as bothered as Maisie,but likes to be where I am, so sitting on the window ledge is more her style.


Some great iTDi sessions this week. I've been catching them whenever I can, although most of them seem to be at a time when I'm in class:-(. Thank goodness for the recordings. My friend gave me a Peace Lily recently because it was being attacked by one of her dogs. It is so happy on the deck outside the kitchen that it is in bloom, and has more flowers coming through. We had another earthquake today. I was sitting at my desk when the chair moved! This time it was a little further away than the last one.


Another day of report writing. A very hot day today- the hottest of the year so far. The shops are still having problems because of the ferry. It was holed last week when it ran aground, possibly due to the earthquake moving the sea bed. Unfortunately it is our freight link to the world- so many empty shelves in the supermarkets. we popped down to the tower at Le Hocq for a nice cooling ice-cream.


Popped out to visit our friend who has a farm near us. The cows are looking very healthy. I love Jerseys. They have such beautiful faces and such long eyelashes. That's before we mention the fantastic milk products they produce- Yum!!


School staff barbecue today. I forgot to take my camera! On the way home I caught up with some friends and we had a drink together while we caught up. The Parish hall next door to the pub is looking very colourful at the moment. I will need to get a picture of our one to compare.


Popped out to get some flowers from the roadside stall, as usual. The display was very bright and cheerful. For £10.00 I have managed to fill my house with an array of flowers.
 I like to put them next to a mirror to magnify their beauty- it works well when you don't have many too, but that is not a problem today. I have Gladioli in the window- still tight shut though.
A bit sad that the sessions with Vicki Hollett have come to end- as do all good things! I just have the final assignment to do- and that looks fairly hard work.


  1. What beautiful flowers! It's lovely to have the house full of them :-) Great that you are enjoying summer weather, too, and do hope it lasts. Enjoy week 31!

  2. Thanks Janet. It feels a bit less muggy today